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   Chapter 323 Holley Had No Right To Do It

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Hannah was confused.

She found it more difficult to understand what her grandfather and father were talking about.

Even so, she still wanted to stay and hear what they would say.

Herman didn't talk about anything about it and just mentioned another thing, "Dad, if Moore really loves Zoey, just let them get married. Zoey will inherit the aristocracy of my wife and become the viscount in the future. As for her marriage, it's up to herself. As long as it's a man who treats her well and who she likes."

When Herman mentioned his another daughter, his voice was full of tenderness.

At this time, it was the most proper time to say that Herman was a great father.

But her father was so good to her sister that Hannah could not help feeling sad.

'Who the hell was she?

She was also the daughter of the Gu family, the daughter of her father, and the daughter of her mother.

But her father didn't care her, and her mother had already thought of passing her title to Hannah's sister.

Why?' Hannah thought.

The voice of Mr. Gu shattered Hannah's heart again. "It's a luck for Zoey to have a marriage like this. Now it's up to Moore to decide how to do."

Even grandpa agreed with her father...

Hannah's heart had been totally cold. Obviously, she was very sad, but she could not feel heartache.

'Was she also grandpa's granddaughter?

Wasn't she grandpa's favorite granddaughter?

Why would her life and her fate be controlled by her family?

Why could she just marry Craig she doesn't like at all for her family? The person who even has a dark heart.

Why couldn't she choose to be happy by herself?

Why did everyone like Zoey since she was a little girl? Why did everyone spoil her and side with her?

As for her, Hannah, no matter how excellent she was, she could only be a foil and a stepping stone for Zoey!

Why didn't her family send Zoey to marry Craig?' Hannah thought.

Hannah's heart had been twisted to the extreme.

She hated her sister, her family and

love Zoey, you shouldn't be with her and give her hope. You still have Holley in your heart. Then why did you fall in love with Zoey? Are you falling love with Zoey just to save your life and live a better life? If that was your purpose, Zoey was so stupid. Please tell her the truth, don't let her wait for you like a fool. I also hope you can handle your relationship well. I don't want to see my sister cry because she has been scolded by Holley and she still doesn't dare to talk back. She can only come to me and complain about it tearfully."

Hannah shouted angrily, just acted like a good sister, defending her sister.

Moore remained silent.

'He knew Holley well. She would never do such things.

But there was really no need for Zoey to frame Holley.

Could it be that Holley had changed in the past few months?

Had she been thoroughly led by Ron into a vicious woman?'

Moore doubted what Hannah said, so he kept silent.

Hannah knew that she needed to persuade Moore to make a decision as soon as possible.

"Moore, if you like a single woman, I won't say anything more. Holley has already married. Why do you betray the marriage like this? As a married woman, how can she eat the food in a bowl and think about the things in a pot? She has no right to call my sister and say those words. Moore, you've gone too far, too!"

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