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   Chapter 322 A Low-level Woman

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Ron was really excellent.

His acting was also so good.

A few seconds later, the sadness and helplessness vanished from his face.

Ron then smiled slightly and said, "Girl, you are so gossipy. Are you afraid that I have another woman in my heart?"

Ron deliberately changed the subject.

Holley was keenly aware of the key point. It seemed that Ron had really spat out blood for a woman.

Thinking of this, she felt jealous and stamped her feet. "That woman gone too far. She should make you spit out blood for her. And she should do it without my permission."

A doting smile appeared on Ron's face.

But Holley, who was such a little fool, didn't know that he had spit out blood for her.

Ron spit out blood after hearing that Holley was arrested for being suspected of murder.

But it was better not to mention these things.

What he had suffered and what he had gone through were all gone. He shouldn't have let Holley know. If she knew that, she would be sad again.

"Go and make your coffee. Why don't you believe what I said?"

Once again, Ron deliberately avoided the topic. This time, he completely lowered his head, pretending to be busy with work, and did not look at Holley.

Holley pressed her lips and murmured, "Your ex-girlfriend is your past and I can't change it. There is nothing to deny."

"What are you blaming me for?"

Ron asked directly without raising his head.

Holley turned a deaf ear and did not answer at all.

At the police station.

In the detention house, after being questioning a whole night, Hannah only felt exhausted physically and mentally.

She felt lucky that her grandpa had bribe some police officers, so she could get freedom.

After stepping out into the first ray of sunshine in the morning, Hannah felt reluctant again.

She didn't want to give up. She didn't want to marry Craig.

At this moment, she just wanted to escape.

Hannah thought as long as she could hide well, she didn't have to marry Craig.

She ran to the side of the road and stopped a car.

To her surprise, it was a taxi, but the per

y, I'm afraid he's running away. Will the escape change the fact that you have brought shame on the Gu family? You're just a woman of no reputation. Now that Mr. Lan is willing to marry you, you should be honored. How could you still want to escape?"

"Hanna is not that kind of foolish and unreasonable person. The Marriage came so suddenly, it takes her some time to accept it."

Mr. Gu waved at Hannah and said, "Just go to have a test."

Hannah nodded, feeling wronged. She knew that her grandpa loved her most.

When she ran out of the study, she decided to run away. But she stopped when she heard her father's voice.

"Dad, she really wanted to escape from the wedding," said Herman, shaking his head.

"There is full of our people around the hotel. If she dares to escape, someone will keep her."

Mr. Gu said firmly.

Then Herman sighed and said, "She is really a troublemaker. How could she be so shameless? It's all about her scandal in the upper class circles in Mexico."

"She is the daughter of a low-level woman. How noble do you expect her to be? Aren't we keeping her around so that one day we can use her?"

Mr. Gu's voice was as cold as ice, piercing through Hannah's heart.

'How could grandpa say that to her?

But what did he mean a low-lever woman?

'Is my mother the daughter of a marquis? Is she the heir of her family's title of nobility?' Hannah thought.

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