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   Chapter 319 Outbreak Of Jealousy

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Fabian suddenly understood and resumed, "Let me finish my words. What I have said is only a preliminary analysis, not a conclusion."

He understood that he had made a slip of the tongue.

Ron was right. Man should be tricky in love.

If all men were as honest as him that he would answer every question the woman asked, it would be very easy for them to say something wrong.

Fortunately, Fabian's reactions are so fast and he changed his mind quickly, "Teresa, you are such an excellent girl. It's rare to meet someone as good as you. I just hope that you two can still be friends. After all, you have never hurt each other, haven't you? "


Teresa smirked.

Her smile seemed a bit forced, but unfortunately, Fabian didn't notice it.

From Teresa's point of view, she thought Fabian's reactions were all manifestations of a guilty conscience.

She even thought she clearly understood why Fabian fell in love with her at first sight, because her temperament is very similar to Holley's.

That's it.

Teresa thought this was Fabian's feelings for her and he took her as a substitute.

She thought Fabian was so gentle with her last night only because she was a substitute.

Who wanted to be a substitute?

Who doesn't want to be truly loved?

But Teresa had no other choice. She could say nothing for the sake of her family.

"Are you OK? I'm so sleepy. I just want to lie down and have a rest."

Teresa was escaping because she needed a long time to calm herself down so that she could face all.

Fabian didn't notice it at all.

He had been used to spoil Teresa. He would do whatever she said.

In the bar.

Ron looked at his watch and said, "Holley, you stay here. Wait for this man to wake up"

The man Ron referred to was Moore.

Though Ron did not say anything, his words were tinged with jealousy.

Although Ron was willing to go to Mexico to save Moore for Holley, Moore was his rival in love.

'Such a mean man.'

Holley whispered in her heart, but she smiled sweetly at Ron and said,

ou for bringing me back. By the way, do you have anything else? If there is nothing else, I want to go back to the law office and deal with something."

Moore's attitude was somewhat strange.

He was not so happy to see Holley again, and they even saw in his eyes that he wanted to run away from them.

'Was Moore hiding something?'

While Holley was thinking, Moore stood up and walked up to her. A little embarrassed, Moore extended his hand and said, "Please lend me some money. One hundred is enough."

"My wife didn't bring any cash with her. She only had a diamond card from a Switzerland bank and she could spend billions of money. You'd better turn left and go out, and borrow one hundred from the receptionist girl, Eleanor, at the front desk."

Ron took it for granted and said naturally.

Moore looked at Ron and Holley. He wanted to say something but finally said nothing. Then he turned left and left the room.

After Moore left, Holley raised her hand and gave Ron a pinch on the chest with a pretended lightness. "You can just be jealous of him, just argue with him. You just need a friend help you who is a lawyer. The Mu's Group needs a reliable lawyer. Isn't Moore the best choice?'

"Holley, let me guess. Are you thinking about me, or are you planning to find a job for your brother Moore?"

Ron raised Holley's chin and smiled wickedly.

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