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   Chapter 318 Teresa's Possessiveness Toward Fabian

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Ron shook his head seriously. "Holley, don't belittle yourself. We didn't cheat Fabian, did we?"

Ron was so serious that even Holley was in a trance. She wondered whether she had just cheated Fabian or not?

After leaving the bar, Fabian woke up with the morning breeze.

The situation was not right just now.

Fabian thought he was cheated.

Then he recalled Ron's and Holley's reaction. He was now certain that he had been cheated. They had cheated Fabian to make him own them a favor.

What a cunning couple!

Though Fabian was complaining about Ron and Holley, he didn't go back to the bar to argue with them.

After all, Teresa was at home. What he was thinking about was his beloved woman. He was eager to see her.

In Fabian's home.

Teresa had already woken up.

After all, she was born in the Lei family. As the lady of the black market, she had a better physical strength than the others. Even if she was seriously injured, she quickly recovered a lot of physical strength and vital energy.

Teresa was reluctant to lie in bed.

She was curious about Fabian, who had been engaged to her. So, she got out of bed and strolled around this bachelor's apartment to have a look.

Entering the living room, Teresa was attracted by a box in the TV cabinet.

The box was very ordinary, even in a corner, not eye-catching at all.

But Teresa's intuition told her that there must be a secret in that box.

She knew it was improper to go through other people's things.

Driven by curiosity, she came over and took out the box.

She comforted herself that she wasn't peeping into other's privacy. She just acted as a girlfriend and fiancee to learn about her fiance's life.

For a moment, at least, Teresa was more certain that she wanted Fabian to be her fiancé.

Teresa must have fallen in love with Fabian. That was why she was jealous and possessive.

Thinking of this, she opened the box without hesitation.

But the moment she opened the box, she felt that someone poured

she continue to love him?

Teresa couldn't help sighing slightly.

"What's wrong, Teresa?" asked Fabian in surprise

"I feel a little pain and my mind is in a mess."

Teresa explained with half-truths.

"Just hold on. The wounds will be healed." Fabian replied softly. You can rest assured that in the following days, I will be by your side 24 hours a day. I will do whatever you ask me to do. As for the mess in your mind, just tell me if you trust me."

Teresa blinked her eyes and looked into the distance, "I'm thinking about Holley."


Fabian was continuing to deal with Teresa's wounds. He listened to her while nodding.

"Tell me, what kind of person is Holley?"

Teresa asked tentatively.

Because she had fallen in love with Fabian, she must give herself a chance and happiness.

Fabian didn't know what was in Teresa's mind, but he said objective, "She is the same as you, who looks very strong, the heart is weak. Although you are two different types in appearance, you have similar temperaments and personalities. You were both smart and loyal. Holley told me that she chose to lie to you that it wasn't Mr. Ron who drove her there, because she was afraid that it would affect our marriage."

"Aren't you afraid that I will get jealous when you praise another woman so much?"

Teresa asked with a faint smile.

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