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   Chapter 317 In The Cabin, Fabian treated Teresa.

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In the cabin.

Just then, Fabian pulled the curtain close to isolate himself and Teresa from the outside world.

Although they hadn't flown out of Mexico, the people of the Gu family didn't continue to chase them. That meant they were safe now.

This must be a surprise attack.

Fortunately, the Gu family did not prepare for it, otherwise it would not be so easy for Fabian to save Teresa.

But all of these didn't matter, what mattered was what happened to Teresa.

"Would you mind if I examine your wounds?"

Fabian asked to Teresa politely.

After all, he was a man and Teresa was a woman.

"I don't mind a doctor examine my wounds,"

Teresa was badly hurt. She could hold on only because of faith.

Now, she was in a terrible condition and collapsed on the sofa.

"I mean, would you mind me as your fiancé to examine your wounds?"

Teresa's wound was on the back. Fabian needed to take off her shirt to clear her wounds and bandage them.


Teresa smiled at Fabian even though she was tired and injured seriously.

She took a deep breath and grabbed Fabian's hand. "I need you to promise something."

"Go ahead, I promise you anything."

"When we went back N City today, I don't want to go back to the hotel and want to live with you until I get recovered. You are responsible for keeping my secret from my uncle and brother. They must be very sad if they know it. I don't want them to worry about me. Besides, I want to be closer to you so that we can have more chances to know each other. "

Miss Teresa has always been like this in love.

If she liked someone, she would get along well with him

Fabian nodded. He respected all decisions of Teresa. No matter what she wanted to do, he would spoil her to do it.

Then Fabian tore off Teresa's blood stained shirt.

Fabian dealt with the wound on her back carefully and said, "You can trust me completely. Although I'm a surgical doctor, everyone knows I'm good at first aid. But in fact, what I'm good at most is to removing scars. So with me, you never have to worry about how bad you'll look in a bathing suit after you've been hurt. I will match Chinese medicine for you to recuperate the body to ensure that all these scars on your body are gone."

Fabian was q

n we forget the favor I have owned you?"

"You owe my wife a debt of gratitude, which is invalid and is not invalid as she said."

Ron pretended that he could do nothing about it.

"Doesn't your wife listen to you? Oh my God! Mr. Ron is so weak!"

"You are so weak." Fabian said. He shook his head and pointed his thumb down in sympathy.

"Who are you calling a weak man?"

Being woken up, Holley vaguely heard someone talking about Ron, so she was unhappy and asked back with anger.

"That's good. Mr. Ron's beloved wife, can we forget the favor I have owned you?"

Hearing this, Holley looked up at Fabian and then fixed her eyes on Moore.

The next second, Holley screamed, "Fabian, what did you do to Moore? It's all your fault. You made him in a coma for so long. You..."

Holley was so angry that she thought Fabian was the murderer and grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

Fabian was stunned.

He felt that the situation was a little awkward.

He didn't know much about Holley, and this was the first time he saw her like this, so he didn't know what's wrong with her.

However, Ron knew his little woman very well.

Ron knew what Holley was thinking, so he was very cooperative. He hinted at Fabian and said, "Hurry up and go."

Fabian fled as soon as he could.

After Fabian went far, Holley and Ron smiled at each other.

"I was ruined by you. I wouldn't have cheated others before"

Holley said with pouting smile on her mouth and threw the cushion into Ron's arms.

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