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   Chapter 316 Iron Blood Killing Intent

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When Fabian arrived at the Gu's Manor in the suburb of Mexico, he had smelled the strong smell of blood in the air.

As a doctor, he was extremely sensitive to the smell of blood. He could even tell that most the bloody smell in the air was from men, but it was still mixed with the smell of women.

It was the smell of O-type blood.

Teresa was also O-type blood.

Fabian could not help but get nervous. However, he dared not think too much. He just sent a signal in the unique signal sending way of the Lei family of the black market.

If Teresa was fine and she could see the signal, she would find here.

The long wait almost drove him crazy.

How he wished he had taken a bomber instead of the helicopter to destroy Gu's Manor.

Finally, he saw a shadow flashing in the distance.

It was Teresa.

However, before Fabian was able to be happy, he saw countless figures behind Teresa.

Those were not figures of human beings, but wolves!

In the moonlight night, the wolves sounded particularly terrifying.

Teresa was not escaping alone. She was carrying someone on her shoulder.

Originally, she was not so slow, but now she was dragged down by the person on her shoulder, and she was nearly caught up by wolves several times.

Fabian took a long spear in his hand.

Wolves are social animals. If you kill one of them, they will attack you.

But now, in order to protect Teresa, he must kill the wolves.

He raised his gun and directly hit the wolf behind Teresa. Fabian shouted in a bloody voice, "kill all of the wolves! Don't let go of any of them, or we'll all die!"

Teresa heard Fabian too.

She ran away and broke into the house of Gu family to save people alone. She had ever expected that someone would come from the heaven to save her from danger.

But she knew better that there would never be such a person.

Her uncle and brother both passed out because she had drugged them.

Ron would never know about that.

As for Fabian, Teresa had never thought about him.

Because she had never s

n and loved her.

"Fabian, I start to like you."

Even if they were still on the way to escape from the danger, Teresa couldn't help crying out.

Fabian was overjoyed, but he didn't show too much on his face.

It was dangerous to talk about love here.

Although he tried to be on his guard, his heart was still betrayed by holding Teresa with a little more strength.

Finally, he took all the people onto the plane.

The plane took off and they headed for N City.

Gu's Manor.

A young girl was standing in the moonlight, holding a diary in her hand. She looked up at the sky and watched the plane flying away. Her tears streamed down her face.


A man in his fifties walked behind her and called her name.

The young girl turned around and cried even more wantonly. "He's gone. He's free now. But I feel so bad. "

"That's his life and his freedom which his friend traded for with blood. You should be a person of indomitable spirit and do what you have promised. Don't try to stop him by dirty means, even if you feel heartbroken. "

Said the man who was nearly 50 years old, with rich experience and profound meaning.

The girl named Zoey lowered her head and asked, "Dad, will he come back again?"

"Since he has promised you, you should believe him. It can either prove that he is a scumbag, or prove that my daughter is right. "

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