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   Chapter 313 Indulgence in Love

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Hannah did underestimate Holley and Ron.

She knew nothing at all. When she thought one of the two would at least bow the head to her, she only saw the couple look at each other with a smile. They didn't even bother to talk to her anymore. They just held each other and turned around.

It seemed that they were going to leave together.

Hannah was too angry to say a word. "Holley ye, don't you have a conscience? Moore is so nice to you. He helped you to investigate the case, proved your innocence, put a lot of efforts into it, suffered a lot, and offended many people. How can you be so cruel now, to the point that you are wasting his life? "

"Holley, don't you worry that Moore will be disappointed and hate you if he knows what you have done and will abandon you as his friend?"

"She is so noisy." Holley said with disgust.

"So I'm here."

Ron's old friend, the chief of the police station, Detective Lin, had arrived.

He waved his hand and ordered his detectives, "arrest those who beat up others in public. Take them back to the prison and teach them a lesson."

As he ordered, many detectives of the police station rushed into the bar. They handcuffed the guards of the Gu family who fell on the ground and took them away from the bar.

As for Hannah, Detective Lin didn't let her go. Even if she made it clear of her identity and mentioned Mr. Gu and the Gu family, Detective Lin took her away directly.

Finally, the bar was quiet.

Eleanor didn't want to disturb Ron and Holley anymore. She just took a group of her subordinates and started to clean up the mess in the bar.

When no one noticed them, Ron's expression became serious.

He held her slender waist and pushed her directly into the private room.

As soon as he locked the door, he bent down and looked into her eyes. "Holle, I find that you are not honest."

"What's wrong with me?"

Holley curled her lips and rolled her eyes at that man. "You are the one who is not honest. You are going to Mexico to save Moore. Why don't you tell me the truth?"

Holley asked as she pinched the man's arm. "Why can't you tell me? If you tell me, I won't appreciate you and I won't let you go."

"I'm afraid I'll fail."

With his eyes slightly closed, Ron voiced out these words, "I am not sure if I can break into the Gu family to save him. It was

hone was turned off, but a voice reminder came, "if you hear the voice, you will know that I'm on the way to Mexico. Uncle, brother, I know you two have always protected me well and indulged me, but this time please let me do something for you and for the Lei family. Although Fabian doesn't tell me, I'm pretty sure that Mr. Ron has known what I have done wrong.

Mr. Ron is Dark Night Priest. He is powerful and promising. We should not offend him, and I don't want to hurt him or be his enemy. Since I had done something wrong, I should bear the responsibility. This time I take the risk of death to save Moore so as to repay everything I owed. I would not allow our Lei family to be looked down upon and threatened.

Fabian, I know you are good to me, and I also know that I was very wayward before. I must have made you feel very sad. But please trust me. I'm not a heartless woman. I've always kept your kindness in mind. I couldn't forget Mr. Ron before and I even can't forget him now. But the journey to Mexico is my trip to put him down. After I come back, Mr. Ron will just be my husband's good friend in my heart. Please wait for me to come back and grant my unreasonable request. Please pray for me, and bless me to save people safely."

Fabian sighed.

Obviously, Teresa had been out of Young Master Lei's control.

She has the ability and means to do so.

Ron was lost in thought. After a while, he put his gun on Fabian's hand and said, "I have arranged my men to take care of me when I retreat. You take the people and the gun to pick her up."

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