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   Chapter 312 Mr. Ron Wasn't Same as Most Men. He Refused the Temptation

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The accident happened in the bar. Eleanor rushed to the front.

Because Ron took action, she got rid of the fight quickly.

After leaving, she came to Holley the first time.

Although she was good at fighting, she was not as vigilant as those girls who lived in such fights all day.

It would be safer with someone protecting her.

Since the fight was over, almost everyone in the bar had heard what Hannah had said to Ron.

Hannah stood there without any feeling of shame. She even put on an enchanting smile on her face to Ron.

Her behavior made Eleanor dislike her very much. "She was the daughter of the Gu family. She had lost her face just now. She was so shameless. Girl, her means may seem shameless and lewd in the eyes of women, but for most men, they are useful. "

Hearing that, Holley chuckled. "But Mr. Ron, not most men, he is just a small part of them. If he slaps Hannah, her face will be beaten hard and very miserable."

Eleanor turned to look at Holley.

It seemed that the relationship between her and Mr. Ron was getting better and better.

Without mentioning it, she said, "Miss, maybe you don't know that none of the real daughters in Gu family is like Hannah. But it's not her fault. Her mother is not the real young Mrs. Gu, and she was shot to death by Mr. Gu in person, so she lost her mother's discipline since she was young and developed such bad character. "

"It was Mr. Gu who shot her to death?"

Holley was stunned, but her eyes lit up.

It was a funny story, "Eleanor, can you tell me what happened back then?"

"I can tell you if you want to listen, but I want to see how Mr. Ron slaps that woman on her face. Then I'll tell you the story of that year. "

Eleanor said with a smile.

She was confident in the judgment of Holley, but she still wanted to see how Mr. Ron would ref

es, Hannah shook her head slightly.

Holley walked out, "If that happened, I think my recording and video will be the evidence. After all, you said that you wanted to kill Moore. If he really died and a report is presented, I will find out the truth and send you, the manipulator behind the scenes, into prison. "

Once again, Hannah's plan ended in failure.

She intended to use Moore to break up Ron and Holley's relationship.

However, these two people...

Hannah was so angry that she felt as if her chest were blocked, and she raised her hand and beat her chest hard.

She was furious, especially Holley.

Hannah was smart. She didn't lose her temper for too long. Instead, she became normal and even a little fierce. "Well, you two are smart. But think it clearly. Moore's life is in my hands. I'm a Mexican. The law of the city is invalid against me. In Mexico, I can kill Moore with my own hands, even if everyone sees it. Besides, why should I do it myself? Moore would be killed only by an accident!

When Hannah said that, a sinister and cold smile appeared on her face.

She was such a cruel person. She didn't believe that. She had made it so clear that Ron and Holley wouldn't care about Moore's life.

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