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   Chapter 311 I Can't Fail You Since You Have Already Taken the Initiative

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6314

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Hearing Holley saying this, the flames of love in Ron's heart were ignited again.

Touching the little woman's face, he said emotionally, "Girl, if you keep like this, ten minutes is not enough."

Holley couldn't help but laugh secretly in her heart.

It was really not easy for her turn to laugh at this man who was full of foolish thoughts.

With a confused look, she raised her head and asked Ron, "why ten minutes is not enough?"

She asked in a serious tone. And she had completely learned the essence of the way when Ron teased her.

So now, Ron didn't even notice that there was a trap for him.

He jumped into the trap delightfully. The man whispered in her ear, "of course it's not enough. Have you forgotten it?"

"What do i forget?"

Holley asked, still confused.

"Of course it's not enough time for us to exchange life with each other,"

He lowered his head and was about to kiss her. "My sweetheart has come to me. I can't let it go, right?"

Pushing the man's mouth away, Holley covered his mouth with her hand and asked, "what are you talking about? Why did you keep thinking about such a mess? I just thought that I didn't say goodbye to you and wanted to say goodbye when you left. Did you have to think about this? You're not a good man. "

The way Holley talked to Ron reminded him of the way he used to speak to her.

Ron smiled, "are you coming to say goodbye to me?"

"Of course."

Holley nodded her head seriously.

She pinched his face with her fingers, and then touched his lips with her index finger and said, "keep quiet. Listen to me."

Ron nodded in agreement.

He also wanted to know what she wanted to say.

Ron was a tall and strong man, and Holley, one point sixty-five meters tall, looked too cute in his arms.

The man sat up straight when her head just arrived at his chest.

In such an embarrassing

It seemed that Holley understood something. She called Detective Lin.

She just simply explained the situation here. Detective Lin asked her for the specific address and told her that he would arrive in five minutes.

When she just made a phone call, Ron rushed out of the room.

He stepped on the wall with one foot and almost jumped up into the air. He turned back and kicked a man who was smashing the stored wine in the bar with an axe.

The kick hit directly on the villain's chest. The villain got a twitch twice in the end and could no longer stand up.

And all the actions of Ron were as smooth as water.

Within a few minutes, he knocked down the hooligans one by one.

Hannah stood there, completely stunned.

She almost forgot her real purpose.

She just felt that Mr. Ron was so handsome and domineering.

A young girl's heart was overflowing. She felt a strong wind of a fist coming to her face.

Ron's fist directly hit towards her face, but he stopped in a place where he was about to hit.

A gust of wind brought by a fist nearly knocked Hannah down to the ground.

She took half a step back to steady herself. But she didn't forget to provoke Ron, "you don't want to hurt me because you feel sorry for me?"

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