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   Chapter 310 Where Are You I Miss You

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Hannah's arrogance made Holley realize something.

At least, she figured it out by instinct.

The reason why Ron chose to leave suddenly was that he had known the whereabouts of Moore.

Mexico was a dangerous place, so he couldn't take her with him.

When Holley thought of this, the expression on her face seemed to be enlightened.

In Hannah's eyes, Holley was acting like she was panicked and afraid, because she didn't want to yield to her.

"What? Are you scared? Holley, don't you always take Moore as your best friend and the closest person? Don't you want to know where he is? I can give you a hint that he is now completely in the hands of our Gu family. I can kill him with a word. Don't you come to beg me to tell you where exactly he is? "

While speaking, her eyes showed a ferocious look, and her whole body looked even more cold and ferocious.

"Do you know, Holley ye? Previously, Moore's mobile phone had been saved with your photos. When he had been badly injured and fainted, he had called your name. He cares about you so much. If he knows you don't even care about his whereabouts, I'm sure he'll be very upset. "

"To be honest, if I am in a good mood, maybe I can let Moore go and let him come back. But Holley, my good mood is based on the fact that you kneel down and beg for mercy. So whether Moore will be alive or dead depends on your performance, right? "

While saying that, Hannah grinned hideously.

She laughed arrogantly.

She knew too well about Holley and the relationship between Holley and Moore.

She was sure that Holley would definitely give in.

But she was wrong. Holley raised her head and said coldly, "see her out, Ms. Tien."

"Holley Ye!"

Hannah screamed. "You are a bitch! You are a vicious woman! You actually can do it! You don't care about Moore's life!"

Holley raised her voice and said indifferently, "walk the guest out."

Moreover, Ms. Tien saw the live video this afternoon. And she knew that Hannah was the evil person who at

to see you. Is it convenient for you?"

It has been a long time since Holley said that 'I missed you.'

It was the words of love for her, which she hadn't said or heard for a long time.

This was the same to Ron.

The man felt that Cupid was shooting an arrow at him. That woman had occupied his heart, which ignited the fire of love in his heart.

After looking at his watch, he thought for a while and said, "come to Eleanor's bar. See you in an hour. But I can only give you ten minutes. "

"One minute is enough. It won't take you too long."

Holley hung up with a sweet smile.

An hour later, Holley arrived at the bar on time.

Eleanor's people brought her directly into a small room.

Ron had arrived, but he was busy sending messages on his phone.

He raised his head slightly to indicate her to wait a minute and then went on working.

Holley didn't urge and she just sat there quietly.

A few minutes later, Ron put away his cell phone and sat directly next to the little woman. "It's so rare, my little girl actually said she missed me."


Holley felt a little sad. That man moved her again.

But she could not cry because it was ominous.

Smiling, she opened her arms and hugged Ron. Holley leaned on his shoulder and whispered in his ear, "besides missing you, I have a lot to tell you."

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