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   Chapter 309 Go Find Them and Break Them Up

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Mr. Gu stood up suddenly and said, "Hanna, the Gu family will never tolerate people who provoke the Gu family. Before today, Ron was still the best future grandson in law in Grandpa's mind, but now with what happened today, he is not. "

"No, Grandpa, please don't."

Hannah screamed and she didn't want anything bad to happen to Ron.

Even if Ron was cruel enough to her, her reason made her very clear that she should no longer love this man.

But she couldn't do it. She still liked him. She still held a tiny bit of hope. If Holley died, she had a chance.

"If your grandpa don't let Ron pay the price, the reputation of our Gu family will never be recovered."

Mr. Gu said seriously.

He was the head of the Gu family, and his decision was the order and will of the Gu family.

Hannah was not willing to do that, because she had not been hurt thoroughly yet, and she still had hope.

"Grandpa, that's not the case. Please give Mr. Ron one more chance. Grandpa, didn't you say that Mr. Ron is a promising young talent and very suitable to be a son-in-law for Gu family? Please, Grandpa. "

Hannah cried anxiously, "Grandpa, I promise this is the last chance for him. If Mr. Ron is still stubborn, I won't insist."

"Grandpa, you know that we have our trump card. We can let Holley and Ron unable to be together again. If nothing had happened today, Mr. Ron would have lowered his head when I take out the trump card. It must be someone from the Lei family in the black market who installed the live video. It must be Holley who invited the reporters. This has nothing to do with Mr. Ron. "

Hannah tried her best to intercede for Ron.

Mr. Gu raised his eyebrows and said, "Hanna, do you know what you are doing?"

His voice became more and more dignified.

Hannah had never seen her grandfather look like this.

She became guilty and cried like a child, "Grandpa."

"Hanna, answer my question."

Mr. Gu had always loved his granddaughter, but today he was parti

hinner when the man came back, then she would be a loser.

'anyway, if you can't help him, you should take good care of yourself. Don't be a burden to him. Don't distract him, ' she thought.

Holley wanted to have a good dinner, but the peace at dinner was interrupted.

Hannah came to the door, rushed over and pointed at Holley, "get on your knees, beg me, and I'll tell you where Moore is."

After thinking for several hours in the study, Hannah finally made a decision.

She wanted Ron, and she had to fight for herself.

She would regret it the rest of her life if she didn't give it a try.

If she succeeded, at least she could be with the man she wanted and liked.

"What did you say?"

Holley doubted that she had misheard.

Hadn't Moore already died in Mexico's strife?

Why did she have his whereabouts?

His corpse couldn't be found, wasn't he dead?

The news was too shocking for Holley to accept.

She shook her head slightly and gazed at Hannah.

"I've told you that if you kneel down and beg me, I'll tell you. You stand there like this, with a condescending look, and do you have a little bit of a beg attitude? Do you think I will tell you something like this? "

Hannah said in an arrogant tone.

In the daytime, she swore to revenge for all the humiliation she had suffered.

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