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   Chapter 307 You've Learned to Be Bad

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6326

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"Glad to see you, idle doctor."

Ron washed his hands as he thought it was dirty to have his hands grabbed by Hannah.

He was probably a freak of mental cleanliness.

When he was in the washroom, he heard the precise analysis from Fabian.

It was the first time for Holley and Teresa to see that Fabian was such a sophisticated man. When he started to analyze the matter, he was no worse than Ron and Young Master Lei.

It was even rare for Ron to see that Fabian was so powerful.

"Good! For the sake of love, you don't keep your manner. Aren't you afraid that your grandma will know it and ask you back to take over the family business?"

When he heard Ron asking, Fabian shook his head with a smile and replied, "I'm far behind you. Teresa was just an insider. If she were me, she could see things more clearly. But, Mr. Ron, why do I feel that you have already known that the Livestream and reporters were arranged by Craig. Just now, you were pretending to be silly to show off how smart you are to your wife? "

Fabian was right.

Ron had thought of this a long time ago.

Only a few people had the chance to install surveillance equipment in the meeting room today.

Except him and Holley, Rex was also likely to be excluded from the list.

Rex was a true man. Because of Holley, it was impossible for Ron and Rex to be good friends. However, they could still appreciate each other from men's perspective.

As for the Lei family, they would never do such a thing.

After all, there was no need for the Lei family to do such a thing, because once they did it, even if they put the blame on him, it was difficult to avoid a feud with the Gu family.

All in all, when there was no way out, the last person left was none other than Craig.

But he did have the reason to do it, and he had done it perfectly.

"You really knew it?"

Holley turned


It happened so fast. Holley was shocked.

Ron's face darkened as no man would be happy to see his woman and almost fell into the arms of his wooer.

And so did Ron.

Even though Holley had no idea of it, it was only a small accident when she played with him.

But he still could not tolerate this, so he stopped her in time.

Ron did not speak, just looking behind the little woman.

Holley turned around and saw Rex's eyes.

At that moment, she probably understood why Ron had that kind of expression.

Embarrassed as she was, she flipped her hair and looked away from Rex's gaze.

Rex was also embarrassed. But he came here just for looking for Ron. Otherwise, he could really turn around and leave, avoiding this embarrassment.

"Mr. Ron, I have something to talk with you. Can I borrow you for a while?"

Rex opened his mouth first. He didn't mention what had happened just now, not even saying hi to Holley, in order to completely avoid the embarrassment.

Ron nodded and said, "go to my car."

The meeting room in the black market was not safe enough, so he made a decision cautiously.

With Holley in his arms, he led the way, and Rex had to say, "it's me and you, two people, to talk alone and not with others."

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