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   Chapter 306 Get Your Dirty Hand Off Her

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It was not true that Hannah had fainted.

Therefore, she heard every word that Holley said.

According to what the reporter had said, she knew that Holley was a bitch. She even wanted to use a mouse to frighten her.

'But Holley, do you think I, Hannah, am an idiot?

Do you think I will believe your words?'

"Teresa, why is there a rat in the black market? it's terrible. Move the woman from the ground right now.'. Although she is shameless, if she was bitten by a mouse in the black market, she will definitely ask you to pay for it. "

Of course Holley knew that Hannah was not that silly Bella.

If she was that easy to deal with, she would not be the daughter of Gu family.

But Holley had some ways to deal with her.

Teresa took the hint and said, "we've been working on a kind of drug in the black market recently, and we've tested it on a rat. Unfortunately, the drug did not work, and the rat had mutated after taking it, as it specialized in eating human flesh, especially for people who wore perfume. But luckily, neither of us need perfume. "

She blurted out.

Hannah wasn't really panicking at all.

She told herself in her heart that it must be a plot. It was plotted by Holley and Teresa.

But the fear for mice eating human flesh made her open her eyes in secret.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she was photographed by the phone in the hands of a reporter.

Since it was a live broadcast, it aroused a hot discussion on the Internet again.

Many people sent messages to praise Holley's smartness.

The reporter showed these words to Holley.

Holley smiled sweetly at the live streaming app, "netizens are all very concerned and would like to attack the moral corruptor of the families together. As the party concerning, how could I be soft hearted?"

At this point, it was meaningless for Hannah to pretend to be comatose.

Hannah stood up.

She didn't dare to face the cameras.

With her back to the crowd, she hurriedly called the bodyguards of the Gu family for help.

Fortunately, the bodyguards of Gu family reacted quickly and in less than a minute, they rushed over and protected Hannah away from here.

Since Hannah had left, the journalists

r sure, and more attentively than anyone else. "

After a pause, Fabian said with worry, "Teresa, I don't mean to force you. We need to get married as soon as possible, at least the engagement ceremony needs to be held faster. What happened today, must have something to do with Lisa, the second most powerful person in the black market. She has some relatives with Craig and is in trouble with your family. What happened today also caused enmity between the Lei family and the Gu family. Even though the Lei family is not afraid of the Gu family, you will both get hurt if there is a real fight. Then Lisa can take advantage of it at last. "

Fabian was always a cheerful, cynical man.

They had known each other for a long time. It was the first time that Teresa had seen him analyzing something so earnestly.

But his insights and mind were all outstanding.

Teresa turned her head slightly and looked at Fabian, with a hint of appreciation in her eyes.

Hannah felt extremely bad after she was rescued.

She didn't know what she should do in the future after such a scandal happened.

She was ruined by that bitch Holley.

'that bitch! She installed a live camera in the meeting room.

That bitch called the reporters in advance.

Damn it! That bitch!

Holley, I will take revenge on you for all the pain and humiliation you brought to me today.

Do you think Gu family is as simple as money?

Holley, you are wrong. You will kneel down and beg me.'

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