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   Chapter 305 God Will Punish the Bitch

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Hannah thought that she was so smart.

In such a bad situation, she even thought of such a good plot to alienate Ron and Holley.

Men were keen on face saving. She didn't believe that Ron didn't care about it.

But it seemed that Hannah was really wrong.

Ron didn't care.

He shrugged. "What happened just now? I don't think I'll be disgraced. "

"Mr. Ron, what makes you think so?"

Hannah was dumbfounded. This was not making any sense.

Was it shameful that the video was recorded and published?

That should be the matter of two people after the door was closed.


Hannah couldn't figure it out, but she didn't have much time to guess what was on Mr. Ron's mind. "You were so close to me just now. Isn't it not good to post it on the Internet?"

She said with shyness and moved close to Ron.

She tried to fall into that man's arms, using her intimate behaviors to prove that what she had just said was true.

However, Ron was not willing to cooperate with her at all.

Not only did he not cooperate, he spared no effort to slap her in the face.

When Hannah almost leaned against Ron's chest and they were about to touch each other.

Suddenly, Ron took a step forward.

He walked towards Holley and pulled her into his arms.

As a result of her unsteady center of gravity, Hannah staggered and hit directly against the wall beside her.

She ran into a corner and her cheek was scraped.

She felt a burning sensation on her cheek.

Hannah felt pain, but what happened next made her unable to pay attention to the injury on her face.

Ron said cruelly, "I don't think my wife and netizens are foolish. It is obvious that you are doing something shameless. You were the daughter of the Gu family, but why are you seducing me, a married man? You had been disgraced to such an extent. But luckily, I'm indifferent to what you have done. "

"So I'm very happy that my wife could post the video online. After all, she has the right to strike those shameless women. On the other hand, I also want to hear the comments on h

or a vicious word.

Hannah trembled with anger.

But how could she answer these questions?

She couldn't agree, and she also lost the right to refute.

Hannah could feel the deep malevolence on the Internet.

Now, the only thing she could do was to pretend to faint so as to escape from this embarrassing situation.

This was the only way she could think of.

Thinking of that, Hannah also took action.

She rolled her eyes and fell to the ground, pretending to pass out.

However, the reporter who claimed that he would represent netizens to interview her ran the closest to her. It seemed that he bore grudges against her. He did not let her go unexpectedly.

"Hannah Gu pretended to pass out. what should we do? Netizens, friends?"

This reporter was from the new media press. He was not only live streaming to interview Hannah, but also interacted with the netizens.

As soon as the post was released, someone shouted, "surround the mistress. When she wakes up, keep asking."

"This method is not bad, but it may take a long time. It's really not worth wasting time on it. We have to think of another way. "

The reporter explained while he was engaged in the discussion of netizens.

While he was waiting for ideas from netizens, Holley had already got an idea.

She suddenly screamed and pointed at Hannah. She shouted, "mouse! There is a mouse!"

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