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   Chapter 304 Trying to Deal With the Bitch

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6695

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Hannah talked much nonsense.

She knew she was in a bad situation.

In fact, she only needed to say the first sentence of those words, coupled with her perfect action, it was enough to show her charm, and it was enough for any man to fall in love with a great temptation.

But apart from making Ron moved, she came here for another purpose, that was to annoy and anger Holley, that bitch.

However, when Holley saw that she was so close to Mr. Ron, she didn't leave angrily or rush in impulsively.

It was a tough thing for her to do next.

After saying so much, Hannah did not see that in Mr. Ron's eyes, there was no desire for money or beauty.

His eyes were as deep as the stars.

However, what really excited Hannah was that although the man was indifferent and gave her no response, he didn't refuse her.

It should be a good beginning.

But why hadn't Holley made any move yet.

How could she keep calm?

Hannah was not happy about that. She decided to give him a shot. "Mr. Ron, as I'm very rich and beautiful, I can always get what I want. Just tell me your idea. I'll take care of the rest as long as you say it. "

She was forcing Ron to make a decision.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ron saw a pinhole camera over his head.

A cruel smile crept up his face. "It depends on your performance."

His tone was full of amusement.

But the signal Hannah received was a sign of encouragement.

She decided to turn her encouragement into action.

Outside the conference room.

After buying their wedding rings, Teresa and Fabian were back. They didn't want to go this way at first, but when they passed through the corridor, they saw that Holley was standing alone in front of the conference room, motionless.

Teresa was stunned. "I heard that all three parties have finished. Holle stood there, a little strange. "

"Indeed, it's strange. Even if the three-party meeting didn't end, with her identity, she doesn't have to wait outside the

e company for handover?

Why was she here?

Ron regretted. He should have thought that Hannah might have told Holley in advance to see those disgusting things she would do.

He shouldn't have played a trick on Hannah. He shouldn't have given her any chance.

However, his real plan was to take advantage of the monitoring video in the conference room to record those embarrassing pictures of Hannah which would ruin the reputation of Gu family.

Only by having such a video can he negotiate with Mr. Gu to ask him to restrain Hannah.

But now, Ron really regretted.

He had thought to get rid of the big trouble of Hannah at one time, but

He left the meeting room in a hurry because he knew that he should appear at the first time by the side of the little woman in such a situation.

Although his explanation is now somewhat pale, he should at least let the little woman see his attitude and understand his intention.

When Ron walked out of the meeting room, Hannah was about to grab Holley's cell phone, but she missed it again.

Hannah said to Ron, "Mr. Ron, you recognized me as you held me just now. Look, Holley has gone too far this time. She even shot us and wanted to upload the video. Mr. Ron, Holley is too cruel. How could she do such a terrible thing to you and make you a fool of yourself? "

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