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   Chapter 303 You Only Have to Hold Me Tight, One Hundred Million per Second

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At four o'clock in the afternoon.

Hannah received a message, which read, "the three-party meeting would be ended in fifteen minutes."

Hannah didn't know this number, and she didn't want to know it either.

Because it was obvious that this was everything grandpa had arranged for her. He even considered the time to the most accurate degree. Only in this way could she ensure that today's actions were successful.

Gracefully, Hannah got out of the car and did not go to the meeting room for the three parties. She gave a call to Holley first.

It would be boring to do this without Holley's presence.

And what happened today will also lose its meaning.

Holley was now working in the Finance Department of the Mu's group.

Hearing the ring of the phone, she thought it was from Ron, so she answered it.

But to her surprise, she heard a familiar voice of a woman, "who are you?"

Holley asked hesitantly.

"We have known each other for a long time, Holley. Can't you hear my voice? I'm Hannah, the future Mrs. mu. "

Same as a woman, Hannah knew clearly how to stimulate the other party and let Holley come here and see what she wanted Holley to see.

"You're crazy. I'm not a philanthropist. I won't call a psychiatrist for you."

This was not the first time that Holley had been challenged.

She had always been good at dealing with problems, at least she had never put herself at a loss.

Hearing Holley's unkind words, Hannah laughed before she said, "I know that Mr. Ron has doted on you. But so what? How long do you think you can keep it fresh? You are different. I am the daughter of Gu family. My family is nothing but rich. If Mr. Ron marries me, the finance problems of the Mu's Group and other problems will be easily solved. So Mr. Ron has come round and agreed to marry me. He hasn't divorced you yet, so I can't call myself Mrs. mu. But I can claim to be the future Mrs. Mu. It's absolutely right. "

Keeping on provoking Holley, this is just Hannah's plan

will seriously drag on your back. In the end, the company would lose money at the speed of 9 billion to 15 billion a year. So I think you are lack of ten billion dollars, "

"It's a big problem. If it can't be solved with money, the Mu's group won't last long. Even if you auction all the real estate of the Mu family, it will only be barely enough to support you for half a year. Under this circumstance, if there was no financial support, the Mu's Group would be doomed. You know, the Gu family doesn't have much except a lot of money. As long as you... "

Hannah didn't talk too much as she heard the sound of footsteps from the corridor.

It was the sound of a woman wearing high heels.

The sound gradually came to a halt.

Hannah looked at the person through the crack of the door.

Now that Holley was here, the next show would begin.

Hannah rushed directly to the place of Ron, in order to block his sight, and also to let Holley watch a good show.

Holding Ron, she whispered in his ear, "if you hold me tight, I will offer you one hundred million per second. Mr. Ron, you know how much I love you. I really want to be with you, so in order to be with you, I can do anything. I know that you are also willing to be with me. I will try my best to get rid of Holley and I promise that she will never show up again. "

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