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   Chapter 300 Salt in the Wound

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He was always nice to her and didn't want to change his attitude just because she did something wrong.

As for Ron, even if it was not her fault, he would ignore her.

Actually, this was the difference between love and not love.

Besides, she had done a lot of terrible things, so she was no longer qualified to continue to stay by Mr. Ron's side, looking at him and blessing him.

Raising her head to look at Fabian, Teresa smiled. "Don't you remember that we have an agreement. I told you that I'd better have a talk with Mr. Ron alone. After that, I'll give you an answer. My attitude now is my reply. Fabian, just hold back your doubts and behave yourself, unless my attitude now is not you want. As an adult, I won't do anything regretful. "

Then she took the initiative to hold Fabian's hand. "You are my fiance, and you love me very much. I will be good to you. I will try to love you, and spend the rest of my life with you hand in hand. So, Fabian, you can't let me down, can't bully me, and can't betray me at any time. Can you do it? "

"Of course."

Holding his chest out, Fabian agreed without hesitation.

Teresa smiled, "that's good. Let's go. From now on, you will be the only one in my heart. "

When she spoke, she felt somewhat hypocritical in her heart, but she insisted on saying it out.

That's what she should say and do.

They selected the suitable rings and took photos together. The media had also released the statement they prepared beforehand.

In a short time, the news that the Young Master Fabian of the Ou family had bought the wedding ring together with Teresa, the daughter of the black market was on the headlines of all the major news.

So the news also reached to the ears of someone who wished to get it.

When Mr. Gu heard the news, he called Hannah to his side. "Hanna, it is a foregone conclusion that Teresa will get married. Although Teresa is from a rich and powerful family of the black market and admires Mr. Ron, she will not be your obstacle from now on. Now, it's time for you to show up. Don't forget what I told you. You will definitely succeed in getting Ron

after Linda and Mr. Ron are finished. But you seduced Mrs. Holley who has not divorced. That is not moral. Right, Mr. Ron? "

He tried to put on a kind smile.

Then he looked at his watch and said, "it's getting late. Let's take a nap. We can talk about it after that."

After parting with Rex and Ron, Craig planned to leave.

After all, they didn't want to turn against each other in front of him. If he were there, the two cunning men wouldn't have fallen out with each other.

Then Craig walked out of the meeting room and sat down at a place which was convenient for observation.

He was waiting for Rex and Ron to fall out and leave the meeting room.

When it was Rex, he would be able to offer an invitation and cooperate with him.

After all, Rex valued interests.

As long as he could defeat Ron, he would be able to obtain countless benefits, and these benefits would be divided into several parts. He could offer some to Rex.

The meeting room was dead silent.

The topic brought back by Craig had completely uncovered their deepest scar in their hearts.

The reason why Rex let go of Holley was that he didn't love her. He loved her too much.

How could Holley really not mind what had happened in the past four years?

As for Ron, he had his own difficulties, but he could not explain them clearly.

The three sat there in silence, each with their own thoughts on their minds.

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