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   Chapter 296 Mr. Ron Did Something Bad (1)

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At this moment, Ron was very happy.

After so many days, he could finally sleep on the bed legally.

What's more, she was also beside him.

Ron was so lazy that he was in a good mood. Even though it was already midnight, he answered the phone in a good mood.


Listening to the rising sound of Ron, Fabian got goose bumps, "you're so high. I'll have the evidence sent to you tomorrow. In the daytime, when you're not busy, I'll ask someone to send it to you."

He stressed the words 'not busy' and 'during the daytime'.

Ron sneered, "If you can get her..."

The conversation between him and Fabian was only between men, naturally with a little bit of abuse for women.

Holley couldn't help raising her head and gave him a stern look.

Ron was so proud that she couldn't treat him well. He talked with Fabian on the phone for many times before but when did their topic go so far?

But that man was so indifferent that he didn't notice her expression at all.

Holley pressed her lips and poked the man with her foot.

However, Ron was so relaxed lying there that he fell down as if he deliberately did it when Holley gave him a simple poke.

Although he was tall and strong, he made a lot of noise. He didn't speak the rest of the sentence.

At the other end of the line, Fabian gloated and laughed, "did your little wife beat you?"

Without mentioning the matter just now, Ron said in a low voice, "the evidence can't be delayed. You'd better send it to me as soon as possible."

"I'm so embarrassed. Teresa agreed to pick me up at the airport. Do you think..."

What he meant was that he already had a date and he would be very busy tonight. He hoped that Ron wouldn't destroy his rare date.

But on the other hand, Ron was determined to revenge. He said indifferently, "you two are going to get married. There is still time. She's here to

his was clearly a threat. Holley kept telling herself not to be coward, but her body was too honest. She couldn't help but shiver.

"Are you afraid?"

Ron looked at his little woman with a pleasant smile.

Holley plucked up the courage and smiled back.

"What am I afraid of? You are an indomitable man. You can't act rude to me? Besides, you are not an unreasonable person. You can't slap me for no reason, right? "

"Of course not."

Ron smiled and agreed with what she said. But he still waved his hand and said, "but I didn't act rude not because I'm not unreasonable. I did so because you are my woman. No matter what mistakes you make, I won't have the heart to hurt you. "

The more Holley heard about it, the more satisfied she was with Ron.

He was polite enough to say that.

This was supposed to be the case. Even if she did something wrong, Ron would have to coax her.

When Holley was smiling, she felt her feet were itching…

'You are so outrageous, Ron Mu! How could you scratch my feet?'

Holley was angry and annoyed, but she was most afraid of itch. She laughed weakly and had no time to complain the excessive behavior of Ron.

In a serious manner, Ron asked while doing something evil, "tell me, did you kick me off?"

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