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   Chapter 289 Fabian forced a kiss on Teresa

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Teresa laughed out wearily. "It doesn't matter if he knows I did it. Anyway, it's just his guess. Without any evidence, what can he do with me?"

Fabian was angry about her indifference and said, "Teresa, you shouldn't be like this. Do you think it's natural for you to murder others just because your relationship is not going well?"

"Because I am the daughter of the Lei family, I can do whatever I want."

What Teresa said irritated Fabian.

"But once Holley is dead, Ron will kill everyone in your family no matter if there is an evidence or not. Even your uncle and your brother won't survive under his gun. Because he is Mr. Ron, who is also the chief of the Dark Night Organization. He can do whatever he wants. "

"What if Holley survived?"

Being silent for a while, Teresa asked Fabian in reply.

"Even so, Ron will try every means to kill you. Even if he didn't kill you today, he would remember it and settle accounts with you afterwards."

Fabian said anxiously and he thought Teresa couldn't figure out something, "Is it worth losing your life for a man who doesn't love you at all?"

"None of your business."

Teresa said resolutely.

Fabian would be angry, too. He grabbed Teresa by the wrist and shouted, "You say it again!"

"I said none of your business!"

"I'm your fiance!"

Fabian shouted. He grabbed Teresa's arms and kissed her, ignoring her unwillingness.

"You are mine. I won't let anything happen to you. Leave it to me. I'll handle it for you. "

His words were hardly finished when he was slapped hard on his left face.

Teresa raised her hand and slapped Fabian rudely, "Fabian, you fucking idiot! You're messing up the situation here. You don't even know who Holley is, do you? Do you think she can be killed by such a clumsy maneuver as a broken brake? I tell you, she is not going to die. "

"What do you mean?"

Asked Fabian, staring at Teresa.


mattered was that he was also selfish in a relationship.

He would try to bring Teresa to Mr. Ron, regardless of his own feelings.

But he would not let her die.

All of a sudden, Fabian took action and stun Teresa.

Stunning Teresa was just a beginning.

Then, Fabian took out an anesthetic needle and a muscle relaxant from the medical kit.

He had to guarantee that before the matter was solved, Teresa couldn't go out by herself.

After arranging Teresa, Fabian directly used his family's power to ask how Holley was now.

Knowing that Holley was fine which just like Teresa had said, Fabian was a little relieved and took the initiative to call Ron.

"Where are you?"

Fabian asked directly because he was familiar with Ron.

"In the hospital."

Ron replied straightforwardly, but added, "if it's about Teresa, we'd better not meet now" You are not married yet. The trouble caused by the member of the Lei family should be solved by themselves."

"It's not about Teresa. It's about your little wife. Take her with you later and I have something tell you."

Fabian hung up the phone, feeling guilty.

In fact, it didn't matter whether Holley came or not, but Holley was a soft hearted person, so she must be there in order to protect Teresa.

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