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   Chapter 288 You're Bound To Be Suspected

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The traffic police who had been asked for help by Holley hadn't come up with any solutions.

But he was dutiful to call the radio directly, asking to broadcast the news. He hoped that the broad masses of people would come up with a solution to solve the problem, and reminded all the drivers to be careful to avoid the car crash when they met the car the car whose brakes had failed on the road.

The news was pushed to the home page of the network, then it was pushed automatically by Tencent.

Therefore, a lot of people, including Fabian, had read the news online.

Fabian recognized the car in the photo. It was Teresa's.

It was said that it was a woman driver.

But just a few seconds ago, Teresa texted him back.

What the hell was going on?

"Where are you, Teresa?" Fabian called her directly.

"I was choosing the wedding ring and jewelries. I thought you said you'd come after I'd made my choice."

Teresa sensed something strange in Fabian.

She just texted him to tell him that she was looking at the ring. Why did he call and ask her where she was? Teresa thought.

"However, there is a piece of news saying that a car's brake failed to work and there is a woman driving who has asked help for the traffic police. That car is yours."

When Fabian said this thing, he seemed to have figured out something. "So, you and Holley were choosing the jewelries together. You are in the store and the person who is driving is Holley, am I right?"

Fabian was smart, while Teresa didn't deny it, "I left something in the car. Holle helped me take it. But why did she drive my car?"

"Teresa!" Of course, Fabian had figured it out and said to Teresa, "You'd better pray that Holley is fine. She is the one Ron cares about most. Even if she is slightly injured, Ron will demand justice from your family, not to mention that Holley dies in a car accident due to the brake failure."

Fabian shouted at Teresa because he really cared about her and he didn't want anything to happen to her. Fabian knew what kind of person R

not necessarily Holley's doing. But today morning that she lied to you didn't mean she was full of malice. Even if she cheats on you, she doesn't deserve to die, does she?"

This was the most unacceptable thing for Fabian.

He knew well about Teresa's personality.

If others didn't cherished the friendship she cherished, she would personally destroy it.

So she would definitely tell Holley that their relationship had been severed in a certain way.

But it didn't be necessary to kill her, did it?

"Why do you have to kill her?"

Fabian got anxious.

Only by figuring out the reason, would Fabian be able to have a good talk with Ron to let this matter stop.

After all, as long as Holley was fine, he could discuss with Ron about it by the power of the Lei family and the Ou family.

Teresa turned her head slightly and stared at Fabian.

After a while, she smiled, "Fabian, can't you see that? My heart has been distorted. That's why I turned my love to hatred. I just want to kill Holley. No one else can get a man I can't get."

Teresa said word by word, with an arrogant attitude.

Fabian was heartbroken but kept silent. "Yes, your heart has been distorted. But it's already happened. What are you going to do now? You're bound to be suspected. Even I can imagine that the matter has something to do with you, not to mention Ron."

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