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   Chapter 287 Teresa Was the Ringleader

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Craig felt tired.

He didn't know whether he could explain it clearly to his sister.

He tried his best to explain: "we can't take any more actions. Though Holley is alive, the person we sent is the best one of our Lan family. He is dead. "

"So what? Send more people."

Bella trembled with anger every time when she thought of that bitch Holley. Because of Holley, Rex didn't like her and Mr. Lei treated her badly and humiliated her.

"Brother, I can't stand that bitch Holley living in the world, I can't stand it!"

She shouted even more crazily.

Craig had a headache.

What happened to his sister on the banquet of the Lei family was heartbreaking for him.

That's why he didn't allow his sister to use the power of the Lan family before, but now he allowed her to use it as well.

However, his poor sister was not as smart as ordinary people. She was not in a good state of mind on reaction, understanding, and thinking ability.

"Mr. Ron would check it. It's not difficult to find out that the driver was sent by our Lan family,"

Craig explained, sighing.

"So what? Isn't it better to kill Ron as well? If Ron is dead, our Lan family has fewer competitors. "

Bella still shouted at him in disbelief.

Upon hearing his sister's silly words, Craig was engulfed by anger.

But it was not his sister's fault. That his little sister had turned into this was caused by Patrick and their irresponsible mother.

"My dear sister. Mr. Ron and Holley ye are not easy to deal with. You have sent your men to deal with her. He is the most powerful person in our Lan family. But the result was that he died, not in a car accident. The cause of his death was unknown at present, but Holley insisted that he died of the sudden onset of vomiting. My dear sister, don't you think it's more like being poisoned? "

Craig tried to be patient and started to analyze the situation with his sister.

However, it was difficult for Bella to understand that.

"Isn't it better?"

Bella pouted her lips. "Holley poisoned the driver and killed him. What a good thing! Why don't we take the chance to send her to prison? People with criminal record like her must get a very serious sentence."

It took a long time before Craig spoke again. "If we have to prove that the driver was poisoned, then the driver will be exposed that he attempted to kill Holley."

"They have no evidence."

Said Bella stubbornly.

"But they have ways to copy the evidence and trap you too. Don't you forget how they faked the evidence for the party the night before yesterday? How did they deal with you with the fake evidence? Don't you remember

father sit in the driver's seat.

This made him more suspicious, "why did you drive in person here, adoptive father? Are you trying to take my sister away deliberately? "

"Brother, why are you talking to adoptive father like that?"

Bella turned back and gave Craig a stern look.

"Bella, your brother is also worried about your safety. Wait a moment. I will get off the car to have a few words with your brother and then take you away."

"Adoptive father, don't lie to me. You can't let my brother take care of me. He doesn't love me anymore. I don't want to go back with him."

Bella said it like a spoiled child.

Patrick nodded and got out of the car. After he closed the door, he said, "Craig observed things more and more careful. I didn't get out of my house for years, and this time, I got out and drove myself. It was really doubtful. But I don't have any other purpose. I just drive to the airport to send my friend off, and then drive back. "

While saying that, he pointed to the front. "After all, they are properties of your Lan family. I will pass by here on the way home. I happened to see Bella coming out angrily. Do you think your adoptive father can stand by? "

Craig was speechless but he thought the appearance of his adoptive father was too coincidental.

Patrick patted on the shoulder of Craig and said, "by the way, do you know how did Bella send the people of Lan family to be the driver in Teresa's car?"

"How did she make it?" The problem was indeed neglected by Craig.

Patrick patted him on the shoulder meaningfully and said, "Craig, don't be so aloof to a girl like Bella. She told me it was Teresa who contacted her. She said that the Lei family had wronged her and gave her the opportunity to revenge on Holley Ye. "

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