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   Chapter 286 th Tell Me Your Choice

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"Ron, where have you been?"

Holley drove on the Zhenxing road.

Ron's judgment was accurate and there were no traffic jams on the Zhenxing road

If there was a traffic jam, it was estimated that her car, which was unable to brake, would cause a series of car accidents.

And she would die.

When she was a little safer, she worried about the man again. "Be careful when you drive. Take it easy. I also don't allow you to have an accident. If you dare to hurt yourself, I will immediately remarry Rex with the shares of the Mu's Group."

That was the way that Ron threatened Holley, and she learned it now.

At any other time Ron would not have allowed the girl to say such things.

But in today's situation, he put up with her.

Even if Holley mentioned Rex, Ron wouldn't care it.

Anyway, the two of them deserved to be safe.

The hard ten minutes were not so hard in such a conversation.

Finally, Holley saw Ron's car from a distance.

She didn't know what the man wanted to do.

But he had asked her to believe him, she just believe him.

The two cars passed by each other. Holley didn't see clearly what had happened, but heard a loud noise from the back of the car.

Looking back, Holley didn't see anything unusual.

'What happened?'

Holley had more and more doubts in his heart, but she dared not be distracted. She just continued to drive to the Mu's Group.

Then Holley heard Ron say, "Look at the oil meter, has the oil volume reduced?"

Staring at the oil meter again and again, Holley finally found that she was not dazzled.

The oil in the tank was really reduced, and the rate of reduction is very fast.

"Will the car stop when it runs out of gas?"

Holley asked and she felt that she would be saved.

"Yes, so try to drive to a place with fewer people. There will be no accident when the car stops. Besides, I've turned around and will catch up with you soon. I'll protect you and everything will be fine. "

Ron's voice was as reliable

How to choose is up to you."

This is a thing that doesn't need to be chosen at all.

Obviously, the latter was more beneficial to Holley.

Moreover, Holley had no other choice.

She chose the latter, and the voice of that man in her ear became more and more blurred.

On the contrary, Ron's voice was getting clearer and clearer.

"Girl, answer me quickly. Holley, you are not allowed to do this. "

Ron roared and waved at the ambulance, "Help!"

Holley, who came to her senses, had no memory of those things in her mind.

She felt only the aftershock of her narrow escape.

Holding Ron tightly, Holley leaned on the man's shoulder and said, "Am I really saved? I'm afraid it's a dream."

"No, it's not a dream. You are fine and I'll always be with you."

As Ron said, he bent over and kissed the girl on her forehead.

Even if she had spoken and had been fine, but Ron was still worried.

Because just now, the girl seemed to have lost her soul, which was really worrying. "Go to the hospital, I'm not relieved."


Holley nodded obediently.

In the house of the Lan family.

Bella had a bad internal injury. When she heard that the driver sent to kill Holley was dead, but Holley was alive, she was so angry that she vomited blood.

"Brother, I want Holley to die."

Bella yelled madly.

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