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   Chapter 284 Holley, You Are Really Disappointing

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 7125

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Holley also wanted to go back to sleep.

But she had the same nightmares all night, three times.

She really didn't want to take it a fourth time.

It's better to go shopping with Teresa to distract her attention than to continue to sleep and have nightmares or to tell Ron those things.

"Just say yes. I'll go to see my rival off and get married, okay?"

Holley pleaded softly.

Ron enjoyed this and nodded, "Okay, go ahead. Be careful on the way."

Looking at the heavy dark circles under Holley's eyes, Ron added, "wait a minute. I'll drive you to the place. You are not suitable to drive in this state. "

Holley didn't think this kind of thing at all, and she shouldn't be arrogant.

But speaking of not having a good rest last night, Ron was probably worse than her mental state.

It was impossible for Holley to let him drive to send her.

Shaking her head, she said, "call Roger, or someone else. You can sleep more. "


Ron had got up and was ready to change his clothes.

As he walked, he said, "I've never been used to going to bed early, but you probably haven't noticed it. I go to bed at about two o'clock in the second half of the night every day and get up at about five o'clock in the morning. "

Holley was embarrassed.

She really didn't notice.

Because every time she was sleepy, she fell asleep.

Or when she woke up, she saw that the man had already woken up.

She had always thought that the man just got up a little early and went to bed a little late, but she didn't expect that he would go to bed so late and get up so early.

"Of course, when I get up, I usually go for a morning run, do sports, exercise shooting, take a shower, and then wait for you to wake up and have breakfast together. But forget it due to today's situation. Let's have breakfast together later and set out then. I'm going to study the car accident information I got yesterday. I hope I can find something and surprise you when you come back. "

That man has always been a domineering bad man.

Holley could not resist him and had to nod.

After all, he didn't have da

me bodyguards rushed over and stopped her.

Obviously, she was treated as a guest who wanted to escape the order.

Seeing that Teresa couldn't leave, Holley took the initiative to say, "I'll find it for you. You can try on the jewelry at ease. If you like something, try it first. I'll come back to give you some advice. "

"Please, Holle."

Seeing that Holley walk out of the jewelry store, the smile at the corner of Teresa's mouth disappeared.

Instead, there was a touch of sadness.

'Holley, I really treat you sincerely, but you…

Don't you know me, Teresa Lei?

Even if I like Mr. Ron, I have never used dirty means to fight.

Do you think I can't compete with you?

Since you are always on guard against me and don't treat me as a friend, then don't be a friend.

Anyway, your death will be counted on the Lan family.'

She took a deep breath, played with the ring on her hand, and smiled apologetically at the security guard. "You've mistaken. I paid a deposit of one hundred million dollars. Even if I leave with these, your shop will still have to give the rest money back to me."

After that, she went back to the counter and picked up the ring.

If there was something beautiful, she would take a photo and send to Fabian.

In fact, she didn't want to talk to Fabian on WeChat all the time.

But apart from chatting with Fabian, she didn't know what to do to kill time.

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