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   Chapter 283 Hug Me So That You Can Sleep

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 7378

Updated: 2020-03-02 00:23

"Oh my God, why are you sleeping here?"

Holley exclaimed.

She did it on purpose, but not because she rejected the man.

However, she really didn't remember what happened last night. In the end, this man actually slept here.

On the other hand, it was more important that she didn't want to live her own life and had been haunted by damned nightmares.

She couldn't mention anything about the nightmare to Ron.

All the grievances, all the panic, she must bear by herself.

So, no matter what, she couldn't let him know that she suddenly woke up because of a nightmare.

What's more, she wouldn't be so scared if she got distracted by something else.

The voice of the little woman woke up Ron.

In fact, since the little woman had a second nightmare last night, Ron had been controlling himself not to fall into deep sleep.

He was afraid that he would sleep too hard. If there was something wrong with that girl, he couldn't wake up in time.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked at the little woman, trying to make sure whether she was awakened by him or by the nightmare.

It was a pity that the girl looked the same when she was frightened.

Ron couldn't tell.

But she was not as she was before, with tears blurred and cold sweat all over her body.

Ron preferred that the girl was really frightened by his appearance.

He smiled evilly and raised his hand to hold the little woman's cheek. "Oh my God, my baby, how could you not know? How could I sleep here?"

He asked back, half smiling, in the tone of the little woman.

This was not his habit of speaking. He just wanted to make the girl happy.

Holley shook her head blankly, "why?"

"You begged me not to leave. You said you didn't dare to sleep alone. You said you could only sleep by hugging, or you would have a nightmare."

Ron replied seriously, and then he looked at the little woman beside him in disbelief.

"Ungrateful bad girl, are you going to kill the donkey after you finish the grinding? It's dawn. If you don't have nightmares, you'll kick me out. That's not what you said last night when you begged me not to leave. "

The man said with a look of grievance and in

ime and get frozen into a dog, I don't care about you."

"I'm not a dog, my wife. I'm a dragon, the dragon of all men."

Ron was so excited that Holley was stunned.

The man almost jumped all the way and jumped directly into the bed.

"Well, it's good to have a bed. It is said that someone's wife and children warm on bed. I'm just one child away, and I'm the winner in my life. "

He was still talking to himself about his wish.

He had to brainwash Holley, so that gradually, she would be willing to give birth to a child for him.

But what's wrong with that girl? She didn't even want to listen to him attentively. She even played with her mobile phone.

"Heartless bad girl, I'm talking to you."

Ron only felt that there were some unspeakable grievances.

Holley turned around and said, "I heard that, but Teresa sent me a WeChat message first. First come, first served. I reply her first. She asked me to go to the jewelry store with her in the evening. She was going to choose a wedding ring with the doctor. But I thought about it for a while. Tomorrow is the first three party meeting. I guess there will be a lot of information to prepare tonight, so I asked her. I'm going to find her now, and then we can go shopping together. She said yes. Are you ok? "

"Is it too early?" Ron was reluctant to do so.

He just got the right to go to bed. Before he hugged the little woman, the girl was going out.

It was a little unpleasant...

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