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   Chapter 282 Why Are You Lying Beside Me

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6327

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Linda would never forget those things.

If Ron was playing with her love, then Craig was using her. Besides, he didn't forget to battle with her so that she could contribute more.

She hated Ron, Bella and Craig.

She hated all the people who bullied her, who made her live such a miserable life.

And Patrick was her life-saving straw.

Although she was not a very smart woman, the hints that Patrick gave her were enough.

At least it aroused the hatred in her heart, and she answered by instinct, "I hate them. I hate them. I wish them to die."

"Don't worry. They will die."

Patrick Xiang sneered.

He raised his hand and pinched Linda's chin, staring at her eyes. With a more sinister smile, Patrick said, "anyway, it's my business if I want to make the Lan family suffer, but none of your business. Why do you hate them so much that you want to kill them, and I will help you to kill them for your own free will?"

Was this to start a new deal?

Linda's heart sank. Patrick was so ugly that he could be her father at an old age.

The idea that she would need to serve such a man was really…

Linda didn't dare to think further, fearing that she would throw up.

But did she have other choices?

Now she had nothing. She was still a fake death with no identity.

She had no choice but to depend on Patrick for survival.

Taking a deep breath, Linda was forced to make the choice and gave her the answer, "I can be your person, agree to everything you ask and do everything for you."

Linda felt aggrieved to make such a choice, and she couldn't help but cry.

When she was crying, she would never forget that everything was caused by that bitch Holley.

If only she had been shot dead four years ago.

It would be nice if she was killed during the four years in prison.

However, she was alive and returned to Mr. Ron by all means

s indifferent to her words. He continued to say, "you go to see Nancy. Have a good talk with her before you write a report that I am satisfied. The theme of the report is "Ron that I know." If you two had done it, I would have taken you back from South Africa. If you can't write it down, maybe we will need you to go to the red light district to write it down. "

Patrick laughed sinisterly and crazily.

He never spent useless strength, nor did he save useless people.

This time to save Linda, he was almost exposed.

But he still believed that Linda and Nancy could surprise him and give him the answer he wanted.

In the villa of Ron.

So did the sun shone into the room through the window.

Holley didn't know when she fell asleep either.

In her dream, there were still those cruel things repeating.

But somehow, she was even unable to wake up and break away from those nightmares.

It was not until she saw herself covered with spiders and pythons, and the man with a scorpion tattoo on his trousers sneered at her that her nightmares came to an end.

She woke up in a trance. She couldn't tell whether it was a dream or the reality.

However, at some point, Ron also lay down beside her, tightly holding her in his arms.

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