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   Chapter 281 Why Did I Do This

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"Oh, by the way. It was the Lan family who arranged the fire at the police station. But now the evidence is not solid. If we take action now, we can at most arrest Linda and some scapegoat. Mr. Ron, I'm very dissatisfied with the way they set fire at the police station. So I'm more discontented with the Lan family. I'm planning to do a long-term job to catch Craig. "

Detective Lin said while gritting his teeth.

He used to be a soldier.

Later he became the director of the police station.

To him, the police station was a sacred place next to the military base.

It was challenging and disrespectful to set fire at the police station.

What's more, to save Linda who had committed many crimes, the two detectives of the police station were burnt.

This made Detective Lin even angrier.

Ron nodded and continued, "although the whole thing was done by the Lan family, it was not under the orders of Craig. But the people took out Linda because the use of her. I'm sure she will do something bad again. Then we can stop the plan together. By the way, I give you a name. You can check it. "

"What's that? So mysterious?"

"Patrick Xiang."

Ron murmured the name, gnashing his teeth.

He hung up after talking a few more words with Detective Lin.

Holley had been there all the time. Even if she didn't want to hear, she heard the conversation clearly.

What's more, she was very interested in what Detective Lin said. So she pricked up her ears and listened carefully.

"Do you have a deep grudge against Patrick Xiang? Why do I feel that you hate him so much? "

The man's hatred was too clear and Holley saw through it.

"When I wanted to take back the shares of the Mu's Group, someone competed with me and ate the stock by chance. It was no other than Patrick. He was still the adoptive father of Craig, the real master of the Lan family. But more importantly, Patrick is the adopted father of Craig, and he doesn't dare to use his real name. He gave himself a fake name. Do you know why? "

It was an interesting thing and an amulet for Holley.

Now that she asked, he should

g stabilize the company, thus making him Craig's adoptive father. That's the end of the story. "

It was indeed not an interesting story.

But why did Patrick do this?

Holley looked at Ron confusedly.

Ron shook his head and said, "This need to use our imagination because I have investigated for many years, but I haven't found any useful clue. The black market was also investigating, but there was still nothing. Patrick seemed like a person popping up from nowhere. He was not reasonable and unpredictable. If it were you, why would you do that? "

"I'm not that kind. I'm not raising a child or running a company for others. But something is wrong. "

Holley suddenly thought of another thing. "Back then, Craig was selling all the shares of the Mu's Group, but this time, Patrick seemed to have swallowed all of the shares. Maybe he is not really supporting Craig, is he? "


In the villa of Patrick, he was looking at Linda with a smile, "tell me, why did I do this?"

Linda didn't know but she was scared when she saw Patrick's face.

Patrick laughed loudly and said, "silly woman, I did these things because I don't want the Lan family to be in a good state. Do you wish him to be good? He sent you to prison as he used you. Besides, his sister Bella, has done something against you more than once. She asked people to bully you at the police station. Have you forgotten that? "

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