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   Chapter 280 Unable to Speak

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All of a sudden, Holley felt her hands were full of warmth.

The temperature was so comfortable.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Ron pressed her hands on his chest.

The place where his heart beat was so warm.

Probably, his heart beat powerfully for the little woman in front of him, and his body temperature remained the same.

"Please don't..." she mumbled.

Holley somehow wanted to escape.

She tried to withdraw her hand and said, "don't get yourself cold."

She said in a low voice. However, Ron clasped his hands and directly held her in his arms.

The man's heat in his chest slowly flew into her heart through her hand.

She unconsciously dropped her guard and leaned on the man's shoulder.

When she was about to say some moving words, that man spoke first.

"Hey, what did you think I was going to do?"

She heard the mischievous voice again.

"Can't you just maintain a gentle image all the time? You are destroying the atmosphere."

Holley grumbled.

Ron smiled and held her tighter, "it doesn't matter. I should let my baby know what kind of person I am, right?"


Holley answered uncertainly.

She wanted to look up and see how that man could be so "shameless".

However, when she was about to raise her head, the man next to her pressed her head down.

"Honey, have a good rest."

The man said aggressively and raised his hand to stroke her little head.

Holley sighed.

Maybe, this should be Ron that she needed to know carefully about.

Leaning against the man's shoulder, she felt sleepy.

With her eyelids unable to open, Holley unconsciously grasped that man's chest muscles and clothes, muttering.

This naughty girl.

Ron couldn't help smiling.

She was so cute.

She even acted like a spoiled child when she was sleepy.

What a beautiful and lovely girl.

Smiling, he directly took her up and carried her to the bed.

Ron tucked her in the quilt and said in a deep voice, "sleep now. I'm here. No nightmare will come for you."

His voice was deep and magnetic. It gave Holley

at night because it was for external use.

The other one was personal. He would answer the phone 24 hours every day, even at night.

That must be an important call.

She just wanted to say to him that it was so good to have him. She was relieved.

But it took courage for her to say that.

Being interrupted, she could no longer find her true feelings, and could not speak.

"Go get the phone."

She changed her tone, "I'm not a coward. I won't feel scared when you answer a call."

It was obvious that the little woman was flaunting her superiority.

She was afraid that he would miss something important.

Ron understood. He picked her up and answered the phone.

The call was from Detective Lin. "what's up? Are you interested in the car accident again?"

"Don't be kidding. That's a death trap. My father doesn't allow me to lay a finger on it. I really can't. But if you need help on other matters, I will offer you. For example, when the police station was on fire, the place where Linda was detained was set ablaze. I heard that she was burned to death, but I learned that the woman who was burned to death is pregnant. When she was arrested, Linda was checked in the hospital when her coccyx was broken and she was not pregnant at all. So it's obvious. "

The fact was quite obvious!

Someone arranged a fake death for Linda and took her out of the police station!

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