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   Chapter 278 Compensation for You

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A psychiatric hospital in the city.

Holley saw the taxi driver who she didn't remember.

Seeing the driver, Holley still had no memory at all.

With a helpless smile, Holley raised her hand and showed a photo of the accident. "Do you remember? Do you still remember what you saw when you took Officer Ken to the scene of the car accident?"

Those photos were taken many years ago. At that time, there were only black and white pictures, but it was enough to incisively restore those miserable scenes vividly.

The driver's pupils contracted severely..

She didn't know whether he remembered something or just got frightened.

Holley didn't dare to guess.

She was afraid that if she guessed wrong, there would be too much hope. In the end, she could only harvest despair.

She stared at the driver nervously, afraid that she would miss something.

The driver kept silent and just stared at the photo.

"You remember something, right? Do you remember everything? "

Holley asked urgently.

The driver was in good condition. Although he looked somewhat dull, he was at least not in danger of life.

Nobody expected that after he saw the picture, there was a strange noise in his throat, and then he frothed and fell to the ground.


Holley stepped back instinctively.

Ron hugged her, but he was so cautious that he refused to go forward. He just shouted at the doctor.

Since Ron knew who the driver was, he had done a thorough investigation on him.

The driver had no medical history of any disease concerning frothing.

It was an unexpected situation.

The memory loss of the driver must have something to do with the Hmong trick.

He would spit out white foam and twitch all over his body. The pain was probably due to the trick.

The parasite was too mysterious and unpredictable. It was better to get away from it.

At the beginning, Holley was in a panic by instinct, so she stepped back.

When she calmed down, she didn't want to move b

iousness became blurred, and her body was unable to stand steadily.

Losing her balance, she fell to the ground.

Finally, she lost consciousness. Before she fell into a coma, she saw a man with a red scorpion tattoo on his trousers take the scorpion from the car window. After taking a cold glance at her, he dragged the driver who was also in a coma. He took the driver away.

Then she fainted.

She had a long, long dream.

In her dream, those memories were gone again and again.

It turned out that these things happened that day!

Gasping for breath, Holley wanted to tell Ron that she had remembered everything.

However, before she could say anything, she heard a vague voice, "Holley ye, this is the truth you want to know. Since you want to know, I help you. But as you can see, the price of two lives is high. If you want someone to die, you should tell him about it. Take this as my compensation for you. Don't try to investigate me. You are not qualified... "

The voice became more and more erratic, and finally fainted away.

Holley's forehead was full of cold sweat.

She had seen the doctor on duty lying there motionless like the driver.

The voice was right. Two people had paid for it.

"Are you okay? Holle? "

"Holley Ye!"

Ron shook her forcefully. "Answer me quickly. Don't scare me."

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