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   Chapter 276 Think Carefully Before You Answer Me

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6559

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"It's your fault. How dare you threaten me?"

Teresa was so angry that her tears fell.

Living in the black market, Teresa was destined to know a truth when she was very young.

Tears were the most useless thing.

Teresa seldom cried, because most of the things were not worth crying, and the rest were things that could not be solved by crying. She didn't have to cry at all.

But in the world of love, she was so fragile that she felt ashamed of herself.

Teresa cried and blamed Fabian with some unreasonable and obstinate.

Teresa thought it was Fabian's fault. He shouldn't have liked her at all. He pursued her so hard that her family were threatened by Mrs. Ou.

Seeing that Fabian was still standing there obsessively, Teresa pushed him away in a hurry, "You are not allowed to follow me anymore."

Fabian had his own opinions. When Teresa pushed him away, he walked over again and said, "Teresa, calm down. You're smart. I don't want to threaten you. I'm afraid that you might make a mistake on impulse and regret in the future."

"Haven't you said that you love me? Now that you love me, please help me with it. "

Teresa shouted and drove into Fabian's car.

There were bodyguards in the car. Teresa drew her gun rudely. "Get out of the car, all of you."

Those bodyguards didn't listen to Teresa. They all looked at Fabian.

They were in charge of protecting the Young Master Fabian, and everything was under his control.

Fabian nodded and waved to them, indicating them to get off the car as soon as possible.

The moment the last bodyguard got off the car even he didn't even close the door of the car, Teresa stepped on the accelerator directly and started the car.

Looking at the receding figure of Teresa, Fabian showed a worried expression in his eyes. But the next moment, he made a decision decisively. "Give me a car. I'm going to see Mrs. Ou."

What he worried most was that Mrs. Ou intervened ag

But I didn't like others to take the initiative, so I sent someone to take Fabian away halfway. Here you are. You can hear it yourself."

After giving Teresa a recorder pen, Mrs. Ou turned around and walked into the bathroom.

What's the meaning of this?

Teresa heard the water flow in the bathroom before she could understand what had happened.

'She was going to take a shower.

What should I do?' Teresa thought.

When Teresa was still confused, a bodyguard walked up to her and said, "Miss Lei, you can leave now."


In a daze, Teresa walked out of the suite room and saw Fabian rushing to her.

"Fabian, did you lie to me?"

Holding the recorder pen, Teresa asked to Fabian slowly.

She was betrayed by her dearest family. She felt more painful than any time. However, she held back her tears and just looked at Fabian, waiting for an answer.

At the sight of the recorder pen, Fabian immediately understood what was happening.

Mrs. Ou still intervened.

"Teresa, when did I..."

He wanted to say when he had lied to her.

However, Teresa interrupted Fabian and spoke first, "Remember, if you give me a false answer to this question, I'd rather die than marry you. Fabian, even if I died, I will still hate you. So think carefully before you answer me."

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