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   Chapter 272 Don't Wait Any Longer

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Updated: 2020-02-28 00:33

Teresa sighed softly and unlocked her phone again and again.

She was waiting for the phone call of Ron, even if there was no phone call, a message from wechat was good.

However, her phone was quiet as if it was broken.

There was no news.

'Holley, you have always told me that we are good friends, haven't you?

If you don't want your husband to meet a woman who has always admired him, I can understand you. I, Teresa Lei, am not an unreasonable person.

How can you do this? You can't even let him tell me that he won't meet me.'

With another sigh, Teresa put her phone down.

She knew that Ron would not come.

Actually, she had known that he wouldn't come to see her several hours ago.

After all, she had stayed with Mr. Ron for an entire year. She knew what kind of person he was.

He wouldn't break an appointment easily.

But even so, Teresa knew everything. She couldn't let him go so easily.

She just wanted to see Ron and talked with him again before everything was settled.

What he said and his gaze decided her fate.

The car of the Ou family parked outside the restaurant.

Fabian had already changed into a new suit in his car. Although he was a doctor, he didn't look like a playboy as he usually did anymore.

There was a touch of coldness and profound in his eyes.

It was the mask of the Young Master of the Ou family. He had to put it on in front of the Ou family.

He had been waiting in the car outside the restaurant for more than five hours.

He had witnessed how Teresa felt, happy or sad. Even when he saw that she hesitated and fiddled with her cellphone again and again, His heart ached.

How much she cared about Ron that she didn't want to leave? Meanwhile, she also didn't have the guts to call him and ask him what had happened.

Fabian knew better than anyone else what Teresa was thinking about.

Because he had the same feelings when he was waiting for Teresa.

It was getting dark.

Fabian opened the door.

He stood up and got off the car. Some bodyguards wanted to follow him.

Knowing that Teresa wanted some privacy, Fabian shook his head decisively, signaling them not to follow him.

He walked into the tea restaurant alone and came to Teresa.


of the company? If you don't believe me, you two go upstairs and wait in the office. "

After hearing what Holley said, Fabian believed her and said, "well, it seems that I think too much. Please ask Mr. Ron to contact Teresa when you see him. After all, he is a man. It is not good to stand a girl up. "

The phone was hung up.

Fabian walked back to the restaurant, "Mr. Ron was busy dealing with something and wasn't in the company. Even Holley didn't see him this afternoon. What about we don't wait any longer? "

He tried to sound out Teresa's intention.

Raising her head, Teresa said resolutely, "no, I have to wait. Since he didn't stand me up on purpose and was delayed, I should wait for him. Fabian, I know you want Mr. Ron to stand me up to the end. Then I have to keep my promise to you. "

"Teresa, I'm not that bad. It's my happiness to marry you. It's also my happiness to see you happily marry someone you like. I told you not to wait. I meant that no matter who he is, he should never humble himself to such an extent in the love world. "

In fact, Fabian was a man of courage. He was enraged by the doubt of his beloved woman.

"I didn't mean that, Fabian."

She knew that she was too much. She was unable to explain and apologize for what she had said. She turned around, "I just want to tell you that I will wait. Please don't persuade me."

With their back to the door of the tea restaurant, Fabian and Teresa had missed Ron who they had been waiting for the whole afternoon...

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