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   Chapter 270 Unreasonable Request

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Ron had lived up to Holley's expectations for him.

Although the answer was simple, Holley was speechless.

"I just want to sleep on the sofa. Can't I?"

Seeing that the little woman was speechless, Ron stood up and came to her side, whispering, "do you want to invite me?"

"You are thinking too much."

"Good night," Holley said quickly and then retracted into the quilt.

She swore that she would never mess with that man again.

How dangerous!

Looking at the little woman who was even a little nervous when she was pretending to sleep, Ron couldn't help smiling.

'You silly girl. Don't you believe my words?

How can I have the heart to force you?'

The corner of his mouth unconsciously raised a gentle arc. Ron curled up on the sofa and fell asleep with a pillow in his arms.

Holley didn't know how long she had slept. She just felt that it was not a good night.

But she was so sleepy that she was half asleep.

It was not until early in the morning that Ron finished washing and changed his suit and left the bedroom, Holley felt relieved to sleep.

She had not slept for a long time when the phone rang.


Holley didn't even look at the number shown on the screen.

She picked up the phone in a daze, her voice full of grievance and dullness.

At the other end of the line, Teresa felt a little embarrassed.

It was already noon but Holley was still sleeping. She must be very tired last night...

"Holle, can we take a walk outside?"

Teresa asked after hesitating for a while.

"Okay, where shall we meet?"

Holley rubbed her hair and sat up on the bed.

She made an appointment with Teresa. After dressing up in a hurry, she left the villa without having breakfast.

Teresa took her to a nice pub.

It was a clean bar, without noisy music, no crazy dance, or liquor.

Except for the wine, there were also guests with different kinds of mood.

The elegant surroundings gave people a sense of peac

liked someone else rather than him, he still protected her with all his heart and soul.

"Marrying him isn't a bad thing, is it?"

The corners of Teresa's mouth lifted up in spite of reluctance.

She didn't want to marry him. She used to plan to be single all her life. She would be looking at the man she loved from afar all her life.

But the fate played a joke on her...


Holley gritted her teeth and made up her mind.

Since her fate couldn't be changed, she should accept it and stop struggling. "Marrying Fabian is a good thing for both you and the Lei family. He loves you far more than you love him. He will always be good to you and accommodate himself to you. With the help of the Ou family, the Lei family will also be unprecedented powerful and have an indestructible position in the black market. "

It was the first time for Teresa to hear such reasonable and almost cruel words from Holley since she knew her for a long time.

She really thought so.

Or was it because she knew that she liked Mr. Ron so she wanted her to marry Fabian?

For the first time, Teresa started to doubt whether Holley really cared about her.

After a pause, she nodded and raised her hand to grab Holley's. "Holle, thank you for telling me this. I have another unreasonable request. Please help me."

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