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   Chapter 269 Wrap in the Blanket

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The corners of Ron's mouth were slightly rising, and he became more and more evil and charming.

"How to do that? I found there was something wrong with the wine when I took the first drink downstairs. And then, I have taken the medicine on the way upstairs. Although I drank the wine that was drugged, I'm completely fine. "

The man spoke frankly, and even a little proud.

'What kind of person he is?' Holley complained to herself.

"Are you tricking me? No one poisoned the wine at all. "

Holley debunked his lie.

There was no trace of guilt on Ron's face.

Only with an evil smile, he spoke more seriously than before, "yes, it is. I don't want to be kicked out to sleep. It was true that I was drugged. And it was not Ms. Tien who drugged me. So we must be very careful in eating the food at home. "


Holley still couldn't believe it. "Aren't you kidding me?"

"If you don't believe me, you can go downstairs and drink a glass of brandy. But you have to bear the consequences after drinking it. "

In the first half of the sentence, Ron could be very serious to warn the little woman.

But at last, Holley could tell some anticipation from his words.

"Bad guy, go to sleep on your sofa."

Holley turned around and quickly wrapped herself in the quilt.

She also turned over and paid no attention to the man behind her.

However, Ron really wanted to talk more with that little woman.

He said hesitantly, "are you asleep?"

How could Holley sleep so fast? But she didn't want to speak, so she continued to pretend to sleep till the end.

"On the way back, you have already pretended to sleep. Do you want to continue?"

Then came the voice of Ron.

Holley's heart beat faster with guilt.

The plop sounded especially harsh in the quiet night.

She got caught.

She insisted on keeping pretending to be asleep.

Ron spoke again, "it was the Ou family who planned the kidnap of Fabian tonight."

"What did you say?"

This was a big news. Holley was immediately waken u

wronged to sleep on the sofa! How dare you let me sleep on the ground? We'd better not talk about it. "

"Okay, I know. But don't blame me for not reminding you, your waist and back will ache when you wake up."

Holley thought that man was somewhat ungrateful.

But thinking about it, it was true to make he feel wronged to sleep on the ground.

She sighed in her heart and changed her mind, "how about I sleep on the ground and you sleep in the bed?"

Ron refused again, "I'm a man. Do you think it's appropriate for me to sleep on the bed and let my wife sleep on the ground?"

Obviously, it was not appropriate for him to do that.

"Then what do you want? Neither way is workable for you. You'd better not live here from now on."

Holley blamed herself for being a busybody.

She shouldn't have asked that man what to do.

He was really unsatisfied with her arrangements.

He still felt dissatisfied since he had already lived in her bedroom.

As Holley was complaining, the man's voice came again, "Holley, are you blaming me for being too troublesome, and neither way is okay?"

"You have a clear estimation of yourself."

Whispered Holley.

She thought that Ron couldn't hear it, but the man still heard it clearly. "You can't say that."

"So what?"

Holley squinted at that man and wanted to see if he would say something.

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