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   Chapter 268 You Fooled Me

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Before Holley could figure out what was going on, she was dragged into the arms of that man.

"What are you doing?"

Holley punched him on his chest.

A meaningful look appeared in Ron's eyes as he frowned slightly.

Holley was startled. There was something wrong with the man's expression.

Didn't he get drunk and continue to make trouble?

How could a drunk man have such a complicated expression?

"Someone had drugged my wine."

Ron spoke slowly and explained the situation.

"Why? It's your home. Besides, Ms. Tien is also the person you trust most." Holley asked. "Did Ms. Tien betray you?"

She just felt it was incredible.

Then she shook her head and denied, "No, Ms. Tien is a trustworthy person."

"No, I don't think Ms. Tien did it."

Ron said in a low voice, but he still looked at the little woman with a dark face. "Don't you want to know what did someone put in my wine?"

"I think you are fine now and you even have seen through their tricks. I think you will be fine. That's why I didn't ask you more questions. "

Holley explained honestly.

Hearing what Holley said, Ron was relieved.

After all, she still cared about him very much.

But things were not as simple as Holley thought.

"Actually, by the time I found there was something wrong with the wine, I had already drunk a glass."

Ron said with a half smile.

Holley's eyes widened and asked, "So, is it right that someone had drug the wine and you got it as well?"

Ron nodded.

"So what did their put in your wine?" Holley asked hastily.

Instead of speaking it out directly, Ron pulled her into his arms and whispered in her ear, "The same medicine you have been drugged."

It was that kind of medicine!

Holley was suddenly enlightened.

But she was a little flustered and tried to struggle out of the man's embrace.

Ron didn't let her go.

He was a man with great strength.

He gripped he

u don't force me and go out to look for others, I can promise anything."

"For me, if I choose the third way, I'll live in pain the whole night. Holley, I'm Mr. Ron, to be a famous man, I can't suffer the pain like this. If you agree to not kick me out of the room so that I wouldn't be laughed. I will use the third method. "

A faint but wicked smile appeared on the corners of Ron's mouth.

"You are fooling me."

Holley had seen him through.

Ron shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "You can choose not to be fooled. It doesn't matter. I won't force you."

"I sleep here, and you sleep on the sofa. Besides, there is a line here. You can't cross the realm. If you promise it, then I will be fooled by you. If you don't, then I have no choice. But it is said that after the marital infidelity, as the guilty party, you will get less property. "

Everyone could make a trap, so could Holley.

'Anyhow, Ron, you shouldn't mess around with other women anymore.

I won't allow that to happen.'


Ron agreed without hesitation.

It was better to sleep on the sofa in a room together than to be driven out every night.

"Then tell me, what is the third way?" Holley was worried about his physical condition and urged.

In case of any accident, she would lose.

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