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   Chapter 267 Let Me Stay Tonight

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At two o'clock in the next morning, Ron's car was parked outside the villa.

Ron gently pushed the door of the car open and carefully carried the little woman out of the car.

On the way, Holley didn't fall asleep.

She had been thinking about what happened to Teresa all the time, so she was unusually excited.

Maybe it was because she was pretending to be asleep, which was also a kind of deception.

When Holley was held by Ron, she said in a low voice because she felt guilty.


Ron slightly lowered his head and said, "Did I wake you up?"

"…HMM... "

After hesitating for a while, Holley chose to lie.

She just couldn't admit that she pretended to be asleep when they disagreed.

Fearing that Ron would dig into it or talk the topic before, Holley quickly dropped the topic. She yawned and continued to pretend to be sleepy, "Let me go to sleep, or I can't get up to work tomorrow."

"It doesn't matter. If you can't get up, you can just sleep in."

Said Ron softly.

In the moonlight, his smile is particularly spoiled and his voice is particularly gentle.

Ron carried Holley up to a bedroom on the second floor.

Instead of leaving as a gentleman as usual, Ron stood in front of the little woman, slightly bent down, and stared at her.

"I want to stay here."


Holley shook her head.

That was her natural reaction. She didn't want to be Ron's real wife.

"Holle, I want to have our own baby."

Nobody knew what had happened to Ron tonight. He even brought up this subject.

Ron whispered in Holley's ear with his sweet and hoarse voice.

What's more, Ron had gone too far this time. It had been four years since he used such an intimate title, but tonight he used it again.

'What was wrong with him?

What is it for?'

Holley's pretty face suddenly turned red.

She dodged instinctively, shook her head and refused, "I don't like children. I don't want children."

"So you mean, as long as I don't mak

t was beating inexplicably, and he was crazy for no reason.

No one opened the door for him, and he pried the lock without hesitation.

The door was opened, and he broke into the little woman's bedroom. At the same time, he closed the door and locked it.

Holley had fell asleep yet, but she was woken up by the noise.

"Who are you?"

Holley asked in a daze. Then she heard the voice of Ron. "Holley, this is my home. Even Ms. Tien told me that I was driven out by you again. You've gone too far. In front of outsiders, you should save me some face. I will sleep in this bedroom too. I can allow you to sleep on the bed and me on the ground."

The man's voice directly awakened Holley.

What he did almost scared Holley to death. She almost fell off the bed.

She heard that he said that he would sleep on the ground.

But why did the man come straight for her and finally fell on the bed?

"Ron, you..."

Holley didn't know what to say. Was he a blackmail?

"Did you get drunk? Are you crazy?" Holley smelled alcohol on Ron and asked.

Ron didn't answer, but tucked himself in the quilt.

Holley had no choice but to throw the pillow on the ground.

Since Mr. Ron was unwilling to sleep on the ground, she did that.

But when she stepped on the slippers, she felt her wrist got tightened...

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