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   Chapter 266 How Did The Lei Family Save Themselves

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This was still a threat.

If anyone else dared to be so rude to the Lei family, he would die without a burial place.

But the Ou family was so powerful that ordinary people couldn't compare with it.

Mr. Lei looked pale. There was anger in his eyes, but he didn't show it.

Because Mrs. Ou was secretly pointing at the thing that they had done secretly.

While preparing this matter, Mr. Lei personally asked someone to make a match and report it to Mrs. Ou.

He was worried about misunderstanding. He was also afraid that the people who were secretly protecting Fabian would make a move and destroy everything.

Mrs. Ou had agreed with the plan, but the result was not as they expected.

Fabian was kidnapped by other faction. The Ou family even used military force to find Fabian.

If they didn't have that plan, it would not be easy for other faction to take Fabian away.

Mr. Lei was not convinced. They had made a mistake, but it was not unto death. But that man, Fabian, didn't even have the ability to protect and resist at all. How coward he was?

Suppressing his true feelings, Mr. Lei lowered his head and asked, "What should I do to ensure our safety?"

"I'm just a messenger. I just told you what Mrs. Ou had said. But it was said that Mr. Fabian liked Miss Teresa very much. If she went to ask Mr. Fabian for help, Mr. Fabian would like to give her some tips. But I'm just guessing. So, don't take it seriously, Mr. Lei. I've delivered the message. I'm leaving now."

Seeing the man sent by the Ou family leaving, Mr. Lei and Young Master Lei looked both sullen, but they didn't dare to say anything, can only helplessly see that man left.

Teresa slowly stood up and said, "Uncle Lei, I want to go to the hospital."

She knew what the Ou family meant.

Because Fabian liked her. If Teresa was willing to throw herself at Fabian and treated him kindly, the Ou family might just let this thing go.

If she didn't do that, those super powerful figures would take the lives of the whole Lei family as long as they gave an order even if this event was not related to them. Moreover, this event


His answer was that men and women were different. In fact, he avoided this question. But he also stated that he would eventually choose the reality.

There was nothing wrong if he did that.

Holley forced a smile on her face and shook her head, "Even if Teresa get more benefits, she has to take responsibilities, But marrying a man whom she didn't love at all was actually ruining the happiness of her whole life. It would be a tragedy if she couldn't be happy all the life. "

Ron still said ruthlessly, "That's not something anyone can help her with. If she felt unfortunate all her life, then it could only be the unfortunate fate. After all, her husband was a man who loved her very much. If a woman marries such a man, she will never get a chance to love her husband or enjoy her own marriage, she deserves it."

If they continued the discussion, Holley believed that she would get crazy and have a fierce quarrel with Ron.

Holley didn't want to argue or fight. She decided to pretend to be asleep.

She was slightly closing her eyes and looking down. It seemed that she was asleep.

Looking at the little woman sleeping next to him, Ron couldn't help but sigh.

Were his words so effective in hypnosis?

But it was not her fault. She had been working hard lately.

Ron drew his coat and covered it on Holley. Then, he started the car again, trying to keep it steady and driving towards home.

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