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   Chapter 260 Something Was Wrong with His Reaction

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It was not until Holley and her companions left that Craig pretended that it took him quite a long time to get here.

Bella stamped her feet and complained, "bro, that bitch and a nasty boy bullied me when you were not here."

She said in an aggrieved tone.

Craig nodded with heartache, but he pretended not to care about that. Then he continued, "I'm not blaming you. You ran too fast just now. As a result, people greeted me when I didn't catch up with you. All right, don't be angry. Just sit aside. "

What he said was partly true and partly false.

It was true that he was stopped by someone just now and he failed to follow his sister at the beginning.

But he could catch up with her. He thought it would be better to make her suffer more from the beginning if she tried her best to marry Young Master Lei.

Bella was not smart enough to figure out what her brother meant by doing so many things.

She only knew that her brother didn't like to meddle in her affairs.

"Brother, it's such a big thing. Don't you care about it?"

Bella was wronged, "If my father were alive, he would never do this to me."

The more Craig thought about it, the angrier he was. "Silly girl, did I tell you this was not the right time before you rushed here?"

"Of course not."

Bella screamed in disapproval. "It's because of your absence that those people insulted me. Brother, I don't care. I will never let them go. "

Many people heard the scream of his sister and looked at them in surprise.

With that, Craig covered her mouth and pulled her out of the room.

Bella kept resisting all the way. When they arrived at a safe place, Craig released his hand which was covering her mouth.

Bella bit him at once.

"Are you crazy?" he asked, gritting his teeth in pain

"Brother, you've gone too far. You're embarrassing me. You always hide me in a place nobody is."

Bella shouted.

Craig had a headache.

After heaving a heavy sigh, he shook his head and said,

s phone number? "

So did Holley.

Besides, the two girls couldn't break into the men's restroom by force.

If Fabian really had something hidden from them, it would have a bad influence on him if others knew.

Out of caution, Teresa called a waiter and asked him to find Ron.

Ron made a call to make sure that he couldn't get in touch with Fabian, and then he entered the washroom.

He came out in a few minutes, "check the surveillance video. He is missing."

"Come upstairs with me. The monitoring room is upstairs."

Teresa led the way, while Ron pulled the little woman into his arms.

With an evil smile, the man raised his hand and gently touched the little woman's cheek.

Something was wrong with Ron's reaction.

The missing person was his good friend. How could he be in the mood to do such a thing at this moment?

Holley was confused but Ron just gave a confident smile.

Because they walked behind Teresa, he was quite unscrupulous.

He took out his phone, typed some words with a gentle smile, and handed it to the little woman next to him.

Taking over the phone, Holley saw that Ron said, "the doctor has been taken away by Young Master Lei's people. Young Master Lei is trying to set up a trap for the doctor and Teresa. This is a self-injury trick. We just need to cooperate."

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