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   Chapter 258 Cut My Wrist

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Bella got mad. "Peter, you've betrayed me. You promised me not to tell. And I promised your adoptive father that I wouldn't tell you. "

"Don't say anything. Just sit well," Craig said to her and covered her mouth with his hand.


Bella still wanted to be spoiled, but she found that her brother's eyes were burning with anger, which was crazy and angry.

She was a little flustered and sat on the sofa behind her.

She didn't understand why her brother was so angry.

But Craig knew clearly that the idea of his adoptive father was not a good idea.

It would ruin the lifetime happiness of his sister.

More importantly, a message was like a magic spell echoing in the brain of Craig.

Even if it proved that his adoptive father was not the one who destroyed the Lan family and harmed his father to death.

But for some reason, since the message showed up, Craig didn't believe his adoptive father that much and even started to doubt a lot of things.

The phone was connected.

The voice of his adoptive father reached his ears from the other end of the line. "Hi, Craig. I thought you were at Mr. Lei's party. How come you have time to call me? What's the matter? Do you need your adoptive father to make a decision for you? "

"Adoptive father, I don't understand, why did you give such an idea to my sister?"

Craig said directly and didn't beat around the bush.

"Hi, Craig..."

Patrick sighed and said, "don't you know what kind of person Bella is? She was a girl and she had to act like a spoiled child. I had no choice. Besides, if I didn't give her any advice, she wouldn't leave. I wanted to inform you, but she tried her best to stop me. I really don't know what else to do so I gave her the idea."

"As you said, it's a dumb idea. I have confidence in you. I know you will stop Bella. "

Hearing what his adoptive father said, Craig was speechless.

After all, he had shirked all responsibilities.

And his dear sister, Bella, was really like that character.

If she really bothered his adoptive father, he then gave that idea. That was not imp


Craig always remembered his father's last words, 'Protect, take care of and love his younger sister. And never let others bully her for the rest of her life.'

In the past many years, he had always been indulgent with his younger sister, no matter what she had said or done slowed him down in great events.

Now, he couldn't push his sister to the hell with his own hands.


Bella held his arm like a spoiled child. "Wouldn't it be better to get the support of the underworld by cooperating with the Lei family through me? Brother, I don't have other requests. I'm happy to let that bitch, Holley be tortured by me. So, can you help me? I'm willing to marry Young Master Lei in any way. Your adoptive father told me that I might stay single and watch my husband being with another woman. But I've made up my mind. I don't mind being together with him in order to get the result and to stand on the top of power. "

Shaking his head, Craig said, "just give me some time to calm down."

"Brother, it's a rare opportunity. If you miss it, you won't have it again. What's more, I am just asking you to think of a way to let Young Master Lei know me. We are not going to get married immediately. We just need to know each other, dance together and talk about other things. "

She grabbed the knife from the table and threatened, "brother, if you leave me alone, I will cut my wrist!"

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