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   Chapter 257 I Begged Him

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Looking at the direction that Bella was pointing at, Craig couldn't help rubbing his forehead in a headache.

He didn't know what to say with his precious sister's taste.

Bella was so beautiful and charming. What's more, she was the daughter of the Lan family. No matter how excellent a man was, she was a perfect match for him.

However, the man his sister took a fancy to was always hard to be dealt with.

Take the case last time of Rex Yan, who was famous as a playboy. He didn't have any girlfriend but only had fun. His sister was so obsessed with Rex that she insisted after even getting bullied several times.

In fact, Craig was kind of grateful to the appearance of Young Master Lei.

After all, his appearance finally made his sister stop clinging to Rex.

But Young Master Lei was an innocent man?

He was even more difficult to deal with than Rex.

Everyone said that Rex was a playboy, but Young Master Lei was famous for his faithful. He had only a girlfriend who was dead many years ago in his heart.

To marry such a man whose heart kept a dead person, it was really…

When Craig was having a headache, Bella began to mess around, "Brother, that man is so nice. I want to be his girlfriend. Brother, take me to meet him. "

With a deep sigh, Craig held his sister's hand and pulled her to a place where no one else could see them. Then he lowered his voice and told what happened to Young Master Lei in the past in detail.

After saying that, he looked at his sister and said, "so, you should know that he has someone in his heart and will never fall in love with you."


Bella's chest heaved violently.

Her eyes flashed a strong hatred. "Brother, I don't need him to love me or have me in his heart. I need him to marry me. "

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Craig was so anxious and annoyed.

What was marriage?

For a man, it might be just an indifferent transaction, which could just be used to find out a woman of noble birth for his family to carry on their family line.

But for women, that was lifetime happiness.

If a man had no that woman in

nd asked, "but you have to tell me who taught you those words? You don't like to deal with the business. You always get a headache when you read books since you were a child. I don't think you can do such a meticulous analysis. "

"Brother, it doesn't matter. Most importantly, it will be good for our Lan family and give me an opportunity to revenge on that bitch Holley and make Rex regret. "

Bella was so stubborn that she didn't want to tell the person who had taught her those words.

"My silly sister, don't you know that he is plotting against you? If a person is really good to you, he will never ask you to marry a man who doesn't love you and won't make you happy."

Craig felt sorry for his sister.

She was sold and still helped the guy who sold her to count the money.

"No, it can't be. He won't harm me. "

Bella said with uncertainty, which made her a little scared.

"Who is he?"

Craig kept roaring.

"I tell you, don't say it out."

Hearing that his sister agreed to tell him, Craig nodded.

"It's your adoptive father. Didn't you say that he was a trustworthy person? Didn't you say that he was very kind to our Lan family? He won't harm me, and I begged him to do so. He had asked me in advance, would I do it at all costs? I said yes, and that's why he made the decision. "

After hearing what Bella said, Craig took out his cellphone and called his adoptive father, Patrick.

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