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   Chapter 256 That Man Is Awesome

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Master Mu was really good at chatting.

One question was put on the Achilles' heel of Ron and Holley.

The two people were silent for a long time in succession. Under the gaze of Master Mu, and in the elders' teachings, Ron and Holley had been bombarded more than ten thousand times successively.

Although he knew it was a little impolite, Ron still coughed a little.

Ron gave the little woman a look as if he was about to run away, and he interrupted, "Grandpa, you are right. This is time we should be before the flowers and under the moon. We have to hurry up and go first. "

He grabbed Holley's hand and ran away.

Watching the two children leave, Master Mu sighed.

All was going beyond expectation.

If it hadn't been for that incident four years ago, he would have had great-grandchildren by now.

They got on the car.

Ron stepped on the gas and started the car. After driving for several kilometers, Holley still felt that it was what Master Mu had said before around her ears.

"Ron, tell me, today's dinner is the last one of this week!"

The man was driving fast.

Holley shouted in the wind as the night wind blew.

Ron shook his head with a smile, "this is not the last one."


Holley shook her head, "Tomorrow is Friday. It's weekend. We have to go home and have a rest. Can't we not go to the dinner party?"

Ron shook his head with a smile. "No, I don't think so. Mr. Lei has arrived in N City. There was a small-scale private party tonight. And big shots from the upper classes in N City will attend the party hosted by Mr. Lei tomorrow evening. The Mu family must send someone to attend the party. Teresa and you are in good relationship. If anyone of us doesn't go to the party, it will become a laughing stock. "

She knew what the man said was right and she had to attend the business appointment.

Holley rubbed her head to relieve the headache. "Take more sleep. Otherwise I will go crazy if I attend the party tomorrow night."

It was just a small private party, but she had already been full of i

ne as Ron spoke.

"Considering it as I paid Mr. Shawn back for the day he helped me in the department store. Then I have made it clear. No matter how hard the Shen family is bullied in business, I won't feel anything wrong with it. "

Holley smiled quietly when she heard someone calling her name.

She turned around and saw Teresa.

They smiled at each other and hugged. Then they separated.

Standing beside his sister, Young Master Lei shook hands and greeted the guests.

Seeing that Holley and Teresa hugged, he even stretched his arms. "Teresa and I are brother and sister, and we are all members of the Lei family. Holley, you can decide by yourself. I advise you to treat us equally."

Young Master Lei was a little shameless. Apparently, he was trying to take advantage of her.

As expected, Ron walked up and hugged Young Master Lei, "I'm Holle's husband. We are both members of the Mu family. We treat men and women equally."

"You two are so boring!"

Young Master Lei shook his head. "Well, I don't stay with you two for a long time. I have to entertain the guests. Have a good time! "

He and Teresa only spent a short time with them, and then went to say hello to others.

Bella stood far away with Craig. She saw Young Master Lei who was tall, arrogant and handsome. "He is awesome, brother. I want to be with him." She couldn't help screaming.

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