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   Chapter 255 When Do You Two Plan to Have a Baby

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Holley didn't understand why Ron did that.

Did he bet that she dared not?

Looking at Ron, Holley wanted to see through what the man meant.

However, Young Master Lei had been prepared for it. He directly played the video on the life and death plate.

All of Ron's heartlessness had been taken as close ups by the camera.

Holley closed her eyes slightly.

She was touched.


She took several deep breaths to calm herself down. Then Young Master Lei said to her viciously, "Holley, can you put up with this kind of thing?"

"I think even a fool can't put up with it, not to mention a smart girl like you."

Young Master Lei added fuel to the fire.

Holley replied with a gentle smile.

Just now, there was really a moment that she also wanted impulsively to cover her eyes and shoot at Ron to see if she could hit that man.

She really wanted to let fate decide whether she should forgive Ron for what had happened in the black market that night.

Unfortunately, she was not a simple and impulsive person.

At least she had been through a lot, and she was no longer simple.

She witnessed Young Master Lei sparing no effort trying to alienate them.

Holley was aware that it was a conspiracy.

If she agreed, she would fall into a trap.

"We have already solved the problem between husband and wife by ourselves. We really don't need Young Master Lei to give us a chance."

This was how Holley responded.

She always did hate. She just didn't want to be tricked.

Ron glanced at her with a knowing smile and smiled, "after all, it's different to solve it in public than in private."

"That's right. Mr. Ron hopes so. Holley, come and have a try."

Young Master Lei was still trying to fool her. Holley just replied with a smile, "I really don't need your help."

Scheming against each other during the dinner was exhausting.

This was a party that made everyone exhausted, so the party was over very soon.


g simply. "

Ron said briefly about his affair with Joyce.

But Jay didn't reply. Until Holley said in person. She proved that what the man said was true. Jay nodded with trust.

"Then what have you found?"

"A man called Jason Guo suddenly contacted Joyce frequently. Besides, I want to make a fishing plan. You can listen to it and tell me if there's anything wrong, Cousin Jay. "

Ron tapped the table with his index finger as he talked about the plan.

After Jay proposing some opinion on the profession aspect, the four finally finished the dinner in a cheerful manner.

After Jay left, only the family were at home. Master Mu looked at Holley kindly and said, "Holley, grandpa's words was gentle or serious. Please forgive me. "

"Grandpa must be joking. I know someone is planning to alienate Jay from Mr. Ron and the whole Mu family. Grandpa, your favoritism is the only way to buy his support. I should cooperate with you. I didn't behave well enough just now."

Holley answered seriously.

Ron raised his hand and ruffled her hair, "don't be so nervous. It doesn't matter. "

"You are such a sweet talker. Holle is so smart. You should teach her and have her help."

Master Mu said with a smile. Then he seemed to remember something and asked seriously, "when do you two plan to have a baby?"

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