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   Chapter 254 A Rare Opportunity

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Mr. Lei's banquet was indeed a small family banquet.

There were no other people at the table except Young Master Lei and his sister, only Fabian and Ron were invited.

Seeing that Ron came with his wife, Mr. Lei knew what happened.

Perhaps his precious niece had no chance to get together with Ron.

He didn't ask Ron to take his wife to the dinner party on purpose.

This was actually a test and a choice.

Teresa might still have a chance if he didn't ask Mr. Ron to come here with his wife and then Mr. Ron didn't take his wife to the party.

But Mr. Lei didn't mention it. Since Mr. Ron still brought his wife with him, it meant Teresa was hopeless.

Mr. Lei stood up with a smile and nodded to Mr. Ron and Holley Ye. "What an ideal couple. Come here and sit down, please. This is my small private gathering. I hope you enjoy it. "

It was obvious that Teresa was stunned.

She didn't expect that Ron would come, which was a surprise to her.

After all, they had parted on bad terms before.

But she didn't want to look like an anthomaniac.

She had humbled herself in front of Ron. She didn't want to be like this either.

She looked away from Mr. Ron and walked towards Holley. She gave her a big hug and asked, "are you okay, Holle? I've been worrying about your health. "

"It's okay."

After the intimate hug, the two women talked happily.

Not being able to get involved in the women's conversation, Ron and others began their men's conversation, "Ron, we are alone here. Don't you mind if I talk about the project?"

After the simple greetings, Mr. Lei took the initiative to talk about something serious.

Ron nodded. "It doesn't matter. We are all friends. I want to discuss with you about the details of the plan later. "

At first, Holley was still chatting with Teresa because she did not understand what the project they were talking about was exactly.

However, she was in no mood t

n agreement and called his subordinate to decorate the venue.

However, Young Master Lei was responsible for destroying Holley's defensive mind and raising the flame of hatred in her heart to let her take the initiative to shoot with eyes covered!

Holley wasn't stupid. She knew what was on Young Master Lei's mind.

However, she could still remember what happened that night.

She was so scared that she almost lost her life.

She looked at Ron Mu subconsciously.

Ron stood up and walked to the little woman's side. "You can agree that I won't die even if you hit the heart as Fabian is a very good doctor."

He then took out his phone and flipped through a photo on it. "I've been doing this notarization for a long time. If I died in your hand, I won't pursue any legal responsibility for you."

The man waved his hand generously. "The opportunity is right in front of you. Don't miss it. Because after tonight, this notarization will be invalid. "

Young Master Lei was quite surprised by Ron's reaction.

He even felt he was totally an idiot.

But now there was no turning back.

He continued to make mischief between them. "Yes, Holley. What a rare opportunity. If you don't seize this opportunity, you really don't have a chance in the future to vent your hatred. "

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