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   Chapter 252 Being A Very Good Boyfriend

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Holley was stunned.

"Is this the important thing he wants to tell me?" She wondered.

"You want me to remind you?"

Holley was a little surprised, but she couldn't blame that man.

After all, others invited him to attend the party, and no one mentioned Holley. It was natural that Ron didn't take her to the party.

Thinking of this, Holley felt a little relieved. "I see. I'll remind you on time. I gotta go. "

Holley pushed the office door open again.

However, before she could step out, she was pulled back into Ron's arms.

When the office door was closed again, the little assistants outside the office began to speculate about the affair in the office.

"Anything else important?"

Hearing this, Ron smiled, "I just feel a little reluctant to let you go. I want to hug you a little longer."

"Well, we are almost done here in the company."

Holley pushed Ron away and rushed out of the office.

She ran in a hurry and accidentally bumped into the corner of the desk outside.

The sharp edge of the table had somehow been inserted into Holley's flesh.

Her tear went out in pain.

Biting her lips, she tried not to let out a cry, but she still couldn't help gasping in pain.

She felt wronged.

Obviously, it was Ron who entangled her, but why she was injured?

It hurt.

Holley held herself in arms and rubbed her legs carefully. All of a sudden, she felt something was holding her waist.

The man reached his hand out and held her waist.

Ron lifted her up with great strength.

He held her in his arms and walked into the office.

The door was closed again.

Outside the office came a burst of exclamations.

'The president was very manly.

The president is awesome!'

Ron didn't care about the gossip outside. What he worried about was the little woman's leg. "I'll rub it for you."

He lifted his head and was going to massage her leg.

Looking at the man's

as dumbfounded.

She remembered clearly that neither was she invited nor did the man say to bring her together.

Why did he ask her to change clothes?

"What's wrong? It was your leg, not your head that was hit just now. Are you silly? "

Ron came forward and ruffled her hair.

Holley smoothed her hair and asked hesitantly, "didn't Mr. Lei only invite you? Didn't you promise you to attend it alone? Why do you ask me to change my clothes? "

It seemed that the little woman asked him in reply with jealousy.

Ron finally understood why she ran away in the afternoon and why she was upset.

It turned out to be a misunderstanding.

"Do you think I'm going to attend the dinner alone without you?"

He asked directly.

Holley forced a smile on her face and said, "don't you think so?"

"Of course..."

Ron replied with a smile.

Holley couldn't help but sigh.

Seeing the little woman's face, Ron couldn't bear to tease her anymore, "of course not. Look at you. You always think about something messing in your little head. You are my wife. If others invite me to a dinner party, then they certainly invite both of us. I'll take you with me even if they don't invite you. If they don't welcome you to the party, they are asking me, Ron Mu, to get out of there!"

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