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   Chapter 251 The Plot Atmosphere

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The atmosphere of conspiracy was filled in the small restaurant.

Jason was good at giving methodical and patient guidance. Joyce unwittingly said a lot dissatisfactory words towards Jay.

Although she tried her best to hide her hatred for Ron, and pretended that she had offended the Department Director, she was still popular in front of the president.

However, as a scheming person, Jason could still feel her hatred towards Ron from Joyce's words.

After a pleasant lunch, Jason excused to buy a pair of ear buds. He didn't return to the company with Joyce, but sent a message to a friend without notes: We can ask Joyce Du join us.

In the President's Office on the top floor of the Mu's Group.

Although he had hired a chief, Ron didn't take much time to enjoy the food.

He almost gobbled it down. After finishing his lunch, he plunged into his computer and went on with his work.

Sitting next to him, Holley helped pick out candidates with excellent academic and working experience and then arranged interview to resolve the status of lack of top managers.

The atmosphere in the quiet President's Office was serious.

The silence made the assistants who outside the office come in to report work could not help but take a light step and lower their voices.

A harsh ringtone broke the silence in the office.

As Ron was buried in his work, Holley got up and ran to answer the phone.

"Ron, this is your Uncle Lei. I'm in N City now. There's a small family dinner tonight, and you know my son and Teresa. If you're available tonight, come over. We can talk about that project by the way. "

The call was from Mr. Lei. He knew that recently, there had been some conflicts between his son and Ron, which affected the relationship between his niece and Ron.

Although he had decided to accept his son's advice and arrange the marriage of Teresa and Fabian.

However, as an uncle who cared about his niece, he was trying his best to create opportunities for his niece to meet R


Her thoughts were seen through. Holley gave him a sweet smile and said, "now that you know it, you should know how important it is for me to take over the work as soon as possible. So you can't stop me. I have to cheer myself up."

"Okay, go ahead."

Ron pinched her cheek gently but hesitated.

'Why does she run away?'

Seeing that the girl pushed the office door and was about to go downstairs to the financial department.

Ron ran after her directly and grabbed her wrist.

He pulled her into his arms.

The half opened office door was closed, too.

The assistants, who were new here, were all curious.

At the sight of this, people began to talk about Ron and Holley.

In the office.

Holley's face turned red as she was held by him.

"What are you doing? The door was opened just now. People outside were watching us. "

She complained in a low voice, because she clearly saw that when she was pulled back by Ron, many people looked up at her.

"We are a couple. I didn't do anything indecent."

Ron seriously rubbed her hair and said, "and I still have something important to tell you. I'm afraid I'm too busy to remember, so I'm telling you first. Mr. Lei called me just now to invite me to the dinner party. I agreed and would set out at half past six. Remember to remind me when it is ten past six."

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