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   Chapter 249 They Turn Against Each Other, Which Was So Exciting

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Joyce nodded non-stop.

She tried to convince Ron.

Sure enough, Ron believed her. "By the way, don't let Jay know. If he asks you why I want to see you, just tell him I'm talking to you. Teach you to be good with your boss."

"Don't worry, President. I won't talk nonsense."

After receiving the order, Joyce Du turned around and walked out of the office with a smile on her face.

She went back to the design department happily.

At the door of the design department, Jay directly stopped her and asked, "what did the president ask you for?"

Joyce's heart skipped a beat. She began to have some admiration for Ron.

That man could even predict the future and could even predict that Jay would ask her this question.

However, Joyce didn't plan to answer this question as per Mr. Ron's direction.

What was the meaning of answering like that? There was no revenge.

"Oh my God! Mr. Zhong, do you still have time to mind my business? Don't you know? Because of your affair with Holley ye, Mr. Ron has claimed to ruin the Zhong family. You'd better go home now and find out a solution to avoid being a busybody. "

Then Joyce added in an exaggerated tone, "Oh, by the way, and about Holley ye, she is going to be beaten to death."

Then Joyce hummed a tune and went back to her seat.

A boy who was standing in the corner of the design department raised his head and took a deep look at Joyce before he sent a message through WeChat, which said, "Joyce has a grudge against Jay and our president. I can ask her to join us. Apply for a contact."

Soon, the boy's WeChat received a reply.

There was only one simple word in reply: Yes.

Outside the Mu's Group.

Holley looked around and found many taxis.

None of the cars had the same license plate number as the photo.

As for the driver who looked a little like the man in the picture, he was stopped by Holley. She asked whether his father had been suffering from liver cancer.

Holley didn't want to curse any

ind who on earth destroyed her happy family?

Grandma, Dad, Mom and she were a happy family, but…

Holley closed her eyes and took several deep breaths.

She didn't want to be controlled by hatred.

After calming down, she opened her eyes and found that she had already arrived at the top floor. Ron was waiting for her at the elevator entrance.

"What's wrong? You look pale."

Holley shook her head and said nothing.

He didn't know that Roger had already told her that the car information had been deleted.

So Ron encouraged as he looked at Holley, "we have found the plate number, and we will find the driver soon. Even if he didn't come today, we would find him eventually. "

Roger looked at Holley with some melancholy.

He told Holley the news without permission.

He wanted to give Holley a hint so that she shouldn't tell anyone about it.

But in Holley's eyes, there was only Ron, and she didn't look at him at all.

too bad!

Roger knew Ron's temper. If he said something he was not allowed to say, Ron would certainly get angry.

Without hesitation, Roger chose to slip away.

"Where are you going?" Holley asked as he was about to leave

Roger's heart was beating fast, and he said to himself silently, "Young Mistress, I'm kind enough to tell you the truth. Don't play tricks on me.".

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