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   Chapter 239 Do You Care About My Feeling

Greatest Love Of All By Wu Er Characters: 6633

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Three minutes after Rex left, Holley really woke up.

At this point, Ron's dangling heart was finally at ease.

"Tell me, are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable? "

When she just woke up, Holley was still in a state of shock.

With a blurry vision, she saw Ron and heard that man. He was very nervous and asked very carefully.

Dumbfounded, Holley shook her head.

She didn't know what had happened to her.

The only thing she remembered was that she had made an agreement with the taxi driver that she gave him money and the taxi driver helped her to design a face puzzle.

Since the agreement was made, she continued to ride the driver's car home.

But she didn't know why she suddenly lost consciousness when she turned around and walked towards the car.

When she woke up again, the person she saw was Ron. Everything around her had even changed.

"Have you seen the driver?"

In the face of this little woman's questioning, Ron hesitated for a moment, and then shook his head, "this is not the key point. Go with me first, and I will let the doctor do a check-up for you. If you are fine, we can talk about the driver."

Ron waved his hand peremptorily.

If it was something else, Holley wouldn't have insisted arguing with him.

But the driver was an important witness.

Now it was not the first time. If they delayed it any longer, they might not be able to find the driver.

"No, I won't."

Holley turned him down without any hesitation. She expressed her thoughts aloud, "you first send your people to look for the driver. Find him as soon as possible. He was an eye-catching witness of my parents' car accident. He also has a father who is seriously ill and needs to go through the surgical operation."

"It's not as important as your health. You don't even know what you have suffered. Don't try to be brave!"

Ron ordered more overbearingly.

The parasite technique was very mysterious. In many cases, you might think it

for many years.

Grabbing the little woman's hand, Ron was in a mess.

This was the power of the parasite.

It seemed that Holley was just in deep sleep, but she forgot something.

There might be other side effects and after effects.

Ron didn't want to frighten the little woman, so he didn't say anything about the parasite, "Silly girl, that's not an illusion. Think about it, you did leave the company, right? You were not found in the company, but in the suburbs. You couldn't have traveled through space and arrived at the countryside. Someone must have taken you there. But we didn't find you in the monitor, nor did we find the person who took you away. So we can only prove that that this person is powerful and he has some dirty tricks on the monitor."

"It is a fact that is reported by Detective Ken. The other force who notices your parents' car accident has a wide range of contacts and is observant enough. So what you have heard is very important truth. The driver is also an important witness. But you have lost your memory. If you don't find a doctor to diagnosis in time, you may never find the memory back."

"Then hurry up and go back."

The man's analysis was so reasonable that Holley believed him. So she didn't refuse to go to the doctor and did a comprehensive examination first.

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