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   Chapter 238 Only Ten Minutes

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Rex didn't take Holley far away.

They were in the office of brain surgeon Hugh.

Holley was lying on the sofa quietly. She looked like she was asleep.

However, it was not the case.

Rex said in a gravelly voice, "Check whether the people who did this are of the same bloodline."

Hugh knew what this matter meant to Rex.

He nodded affirmatively. "Don't worry, there will be a result."

After that, Hugh turned around and got busy.

Rex stood still, trying to make himself look calm. But his hands behind him had already been pinched each other.

His phone rang.

The screen showed a strange note, "someone you hate."

This was the nickname that Rex wrote to Ron.

Although he was done with his relationship with Holley, he still didn't like Ron.

It was obvious that Ron was calling for Holley.

Rex frowned and hung up the phone.

Because he couldn't hand over Holley or tell the secret of Yan family to an outsider like Ron.

So it was better for him not to answer his phone.

Hugh also heard the telephone ring, "If there's anything, please answer the phone. It won't hinder me."

But before he finished his words, Rex hung up the phone.

He turned around to look at Rex and asked in hesitation, "what's wrong?"

"Don't worry about him. He's the one who's in debt."

Rex said, pretending to be relaxed.

Hugh was uncertain whether he would believe it or not. He nodded and said, "Okay, I'll go on. We'll know the answer in ten minutes."

Ten minutes later, Hugh's face didn't look good. He even shook his head regretfully at Rex and said, "No."

The insect skill was from Hmong.

The techniques of using the insect varied from people from different factions.

The person who did this to Holley was not the same as the other group of people. This person was not the one that Rex wanted to find.

Rex's hanging heart slowly dropped.

After taking a deep breath and expres

How do you know she'll wake up in a few minutes? "

"Someone poisoned her. She will wake up when it's time. As for the details, you still need to ask her."

Rex answered briefly.

However, even though he said it in a very simple way, Ron still felt something was not right. He asked, "how do you know it is a sleep insect? And how do you know the time is up?"

"Mr. Ron, you are so blessed as the Bodhisattva on your own. Although you cannot save yourself, you are exhausted. Why do you have to get involved in others' fight? "

It was not only good to deal with smart people, but also bad.

For example, in this terrible situation, little clues could let the other party detect the important information.

Rex was determined to keep the secret.

He turned around and was about to leave.

Ron's subordinates rushed to stop Rex. Rex didn't look back, but just stretched out three fingers.

He was hinting Ron that Holley would wake up in three minutes.

Ron waved his hand to his subordinates, indicating them to let Rex leave.

However, even though Rex left with his permission, Ron still kept his poker face and said, "if Holle was still in a coma later, I wouldn't do anything to you, Mr. Yan. After all, we had a deal, but Doctor Hugh might not have a good ending."

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