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   Chapter 236 Being Recognized

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In the Mu family's house.

Fabian arrived a little late, ten minutes later than the appointed time.

He was waiting for Teresa.

But in the end, he still did not see the woman who had deeply engraved in his heart, and let him taste the taste of love at first sight.

It's enough to wait for ten more minutes.

If he kept waiting, it would only make him look more humble and not matched Teresa at all.

Fabian stopped the car and walked into the garden of the Mu family's villa, wearing a careless smile on his face, carrying his medicine kit on one shoulder.

"Doctor Ou..."

Teresa's voice suddenly came from behind, which made him feel a little ecstatic.

Suddenly, Fabian turned around and waved at Teresa with a smile, "Here we are. Let's go."

"Please don't..." she mumbled.

Teresa shook her head with disapproval. "I am not professional at all. I look like a competitor. When Mr. Ron and other people have seen my face, I will be embarrassed. What if Mr. Ron has too deep bias against me and you get involved? And it would be bad if he kicks you out of his house too. It not only hurts your friendship with Mr. Ron, but also makes Holle lose a reliable doctor. I don't want to."

"Teresa, you are the kindest person in the world. I have thought this through,"

After saying that, Fabian pulled Teresa into his car. "There is a set of nurse uniform and a mask. You can change your clothes so that you won't be recognized. "

Looking at Fabian, Teresa sighed, "doctor, don't you think that I'm a ridiculous woman? I even stated seriously in the morning and looked at Mr. Ron from afar. I disdained to use such a method to approach Mr. Ron. But in the afternoon, I came brazenly. I want to be your assistant. I even didn't dare to show my face at the Mu family's villa."

Fabian shrugged casually, "You think too much. All that you have done is human nature. Take me for example. I have been waiting for you at home for the whole day even though you declined me. I've even been late if I don't leave, but I've still waited for you for another ten minutes. Although you didn't come, I prepared the clothes you may need. Isn't it the same? If you really fell in love, you would do that."

"Teresa, don't be burdened.

. Please tell me more details."

Ron urged.

Teresa took a deep breath and pinched her nose. "You and Holley are not going home?"

"Who's that?"

A woman's voice startled Ron.

"I am the doctor's assistant."

Teresa closed her eyes and lied.

"Are you Teresa?"

Ron instantly recognized her.

For a moment, Teresa was speechless.

What should she do if her scheme was exposed?

As the daughter of the Lei family, she had seen all kinds of ups and downs, but she was coward in front of Mr. Ron.

Fabian got the phone and said for her, "Teresa has great interest in the medical skills of our country. She learned medical skills from me when she was in Alaska. I happened to give your little wife a physical examination today, so I took her with me. Although I'm a doctor, I'm a man, and you're very mean. It's much more convenient to have a female assistant. But Ron, I must say that you were too dishonest. You cheated me to come at half past two, but where were you? Where is Holley?"

"Hasn't Holley come back yet? I have something to deal with in the company. She went back alone."

"I'm hanging up. I'll call her first," Ron said worriedly.

Then Ron hung up the phone and called Holley.

Holley's phone was turned off.

As his phone was connected with the phone of Holley, so Ron could find more detailed information. He found that the little woman's phone had been powered off for almost an hour even though her phone had power.

What was wrong with her?

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