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   Chapter 235 For Money

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After taking a sharp turn, the driver directly drove on another road.

It was not the way for Holley to go home at all.

Holley was stunned when she found the way was wrong.

If the driver turned around and walked to the wrong road before Jay got off the car, Holley might simply think that he got in the wrong way.

But things happened accidentally after Jay got off the car. She could not think like that anymore.

Besides, it was getting more desolate along the road.

Carefully touching the small pistol in the pocket, Holley calmed down and said, "Sir, you take the wrong way."

"No, you'll know when we get there."

The driver replied firmly. Holley felt panic for no reason.

She took out her phone to share her position with Ron.

Through the rearview mirror, the driver caught sight of what Holley was doing.

The driver seemed to be in a hurry. He stepped on the gas and sped forward. After a sudden brake, he pulled over the car.


The driver's growl reached Holley's ears before the car was stopped steadily.

Under such circumstances, Holley would not listen to him.

The more impatient the driver was, the faster Holley got.

"No way!"

The driver was annoyed and rushed to grab Holley's cell phone.

Though Holley reacted quickly, she was not a match to the driver in strength.

The driver didn't mean to hurt Holley. His target was just her phone.

After hesitating for a while, Holley took out a gun and pressed it against the man's head. "Give me back my phone."

The driver was frightened and his cell phone fell to the ground.

Brows creased, Holley glanced at the phone. She was not in a hurry to pick it up.

"Who told you to do this? What do you want to do?"

She asked in a cold voice.

The driver was so scared that his legs began to tremble.

Of course, this person could also be acting.

Holley was not sure, so she did not move the gun. "Tell me!"

She shouted angrily.

The driver replied worriedly, "I just take the wrong way."

But he kept shaking his head when he said so.

He spoke and acted differently?

What did the driver want to say?

Holley no

So when I saw that kind of thing, I would surely go to tell him in the first place. But he warned me not to mention it again. Otherwise, I might lose my life. But this was not something that could be forgotten easily. Previously, Detective Ken left. He didn't get married. As for the funeral, I organized it for him. Before he left, he recorded it for you. And it was also me who put the recorder in the designated place."

"Detective Ken is a kind person. He knows that my family is in trouble and short of money. So he told me that you were investigating things of that year. If I dare take a risk, I would tell you. He said you would give me money, because I saw the three freaks' faces at that time."

The driver looked at Holley with eager eyes. He rubbed his hands to ease his embarrassment.

"I'm serious. If it weren't for my father, he had the liver cancer which is in the late period and it would cost 200000 for the surgery. If my family can afford the money, I won't make the deal with Miss Ye. But I..."

The driver's eyes reddened. He wasn't used to asking others for money.

"I will give you money, but 200000 dollars is not a small number. I don't have cash in hand. You can drive to the Mu's Group tomorrow and I will give you the money. "

Even two million dollars, Holley would manage to get for him, let alone two hundred thousand dollars.

Any clue about this car accident would be invaluable as long as it was true!

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