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   Chapter 234 I'm Not a Hypocrite

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"Tell me the reason."

Holley asked in a cold voice.

In her eyes, a person who had alienated the relationship between Ron and Jay was not qualified to stay in the Mu's Group.

Because that kind of person was a disaster.

But Jay who Holley knew was not an impulsive and brainless person.

He must have his reason for making such a decision.

Under the expectation eyes of Holley, Jay smiled and said, "that's what Joyce told me. Don't you want to hear my opinion?"

Holley didn't refuse and Jay smiled, "In my opinion, a man who sent you to prison four years ago didn't take care of the feelings between a wife and husband. He will not be a good man then. When he beats you, he must be discreet. So when Joyce said that she saw you two get into the elevator and Ron beat you when the door of it closed, I knew that she was telling a lie."

"Let's put it in another way. When you and Ron sent her to the police station before, I think even a fool should know that Joyce was using me to destroy the relationship between you and Ron. After all, we were involved in high school years."

His speculation was completely correct. Holley nodded and said, "since you have seen through her, why don't you allow me to fire her? Is there anything special about her? "

"Of course there is."

Jay said affirmatively, "Her lie is a clumsy one. Her scheme is poor. We both can see that. The traitor senior manager in the design department will find out what we're thinking. That was to say, sooner or later the traitor executive manager would contact Joyce Du and drag her into the mire. That's why I kept Joyce. She thought her plan would work as long as she could think it through. But she didn't know she was already a bait for me. "

"So it is."

Holley nodded in agreement.

This was Jay with quite strategies that she knew.

"Don't be too excited, Holley. The key point of this matter is that Joyce gave her wishful thinking to us. She wanted to make use of my pursuit for you to destroy the relationship

a baby, so we are doing such a detailed examination. He is afraid that there will be some sequelae, which is not good for my future pregnancy."

Jay was angry at her words, "Although I'm good at design and art, I didn't close myself to the outside world and turned a deaf ear to the outside world. I'm not blind, and I'm not stupid. I have my own eyes. I can see how Ron treats you. And I can sense with my heart."

"For me, he..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Holley was interrupted by Jay, "You don't have to tell me whether he treats you well or not. Just tell me what exactly happened four years ago?"

Holley was speechless.

She also wanted to know what had happened four years ago, but she did not know, not at all.

The only one who knew that wouldn't tell her either.

"I am not a hypocrite. I will never do that. I love you so much that I treat you well without letting you know. I will tell you why I'm good to you. It doesn't mean that I'm going to use myself to destroy the relationship between you and Mr. Ron."

Jay was over reacted. He didn't want his beloved woman to misunderstand him.

"Even if I want to court you, I will wait until your marriage is over."

Jay said seriously word by word. Then he shouted 'stop the car' and slammed the door to leave.

After Jay left, the taxi driver looked weird.

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