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   Chapter 232 Guess What I Saw

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Young Master Lei smiled to Eleanor gentlemanly and walked out of the bar.

He made that call in front of Eleanor on purpose.

Because he knew that Eleanor had a good relationship with Holley and Ron.

In this way, he could pass on some message to someone he wanted to convey through Eleanor.

He had to wait until Ron and Holley completely relaxed their vigilance before he could make it.

With the help of Young Master Lei, Fabian soon found where Teresa was.

"Teresa, I don't mean to embarrass you. I just want you to be a little more obedient and not think too much. You don't care how Ron sees you, you should do it whenever you want to show your existence in front of him. Why didn't you say anything when he walked past you? "

Teresa was standing with her back to Fabian.

Hearing his endless chatter, Teresa sighed and turned around, "Just like what you have done to me, right?"

Her question worked. Fabian was speechless.

"Teresa, don't be so upset. You can pretend that you know nothing."

Fabian sighed, "Even if you can't, you can make use of me to get more benefits. I'm Ron's brother. He won't refuse me when I ask him something. It's also your chance. Just like this afternoon, I went to reexamine Holley. I hope you are my assistant and go with me. I strived for this opportunity for you. You have the right to cherish it or not. I will only wait until half past two in the afternoon. If you don't show up at my door, I will go directly to Ron's house."

Although he liked Teresa a lot, Fabian didn't make every effort to get her without strategies.

He had helped her with all the things that he should do.

He left space for her when it was time to spare enough room for her.

Seeing that Teresa seemed to have something to say, Fabian waved his hand to stop her and said, "you don't have to answer me now. You give me the answer whether you show up this afternoon or not. No matter what choice you

e his heart ache.

'Ron, if you don't like her, don't compel her and not let her go!' thought Jay!

Once he returned to the design department, he was pulled aside by Joyce.

"Hello, Jay. I have an important thing to tell you. I guessed that Ron must mistreat Holley again, because they didn't walk hand in hand with each other when they came back. What's worse, Holley wanted to talk to me, but Ron directly pulled her into the elevator without permission. And guess what I saw when the elevator door closed? "

Joyce asked with a mysterious look on her face. Jay had more or less doubt about what Joyce said to him, "What did you see?"

"Mr. Jay, do you like Holley or not? If not, I don't care to tell you that. Look at you. You didn't care about it at all. "

Joyce complained to Jay with a pout.

Their whispers attracted the attention of many design department members.

Jay didn't even bother to explain. He said with disgust, "tell me or not?"

Joyce was angry. She turned around and was about to leave.

Realizing that Jay had no intention of asking her to stay, she walked back dejectedly and comforted herself, "Okay, okay, okay. I owe you for all these years for bullying Holley with Ivy. When the elevator door was closed, I saw through the crack that Ron hit Holley. "

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